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Thread: How Much Is the Contract Worth?

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    How Much Is the Contract Worth?

    The contract with IMG---how much is it worth? Or is it just a regular contract that they give all their models? For example, the AI record contract is worth $1 million.

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    i have no idea, but i am guessing that the contract with IMG itself doesn't pay anything BUT that the potential with IMG is huge, since it is the number one modeling agency, the winner will probably have a lot more doors open to them. The same is true with the Jane editorial spread. It won't pay much, but the exposure from the editorial helps build the winner's portfolio and creates opportunity.

    Adrianne's editorial spread ini Marie Claire was awesome, and i think it ended up being 2 editorials with different pics, one in the US version and one in the Spanish version

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    Oh. I thought maybe it was different kind of contract than they offer their other models. I know Adrianne was signed to Wilhelmina as part of her winning. My boyfriend was signed with them, and I figured her contract was probably worth more than say, someone else like him who didn't win a competition on a TV show.

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    Contracts with a modeling angency can't really be worth anything. Model agencies look for jobs for you. They do not pay you direct. So, it all depends on how much they like you, or how popular you are.
    And of course how you exposed yourself as well as how much you would work

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    It might be a lot because IMG is the #1 Men & Women modeling agency.

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