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Thread: Upcoming Talk Show Appearances

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    Just watched the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

    They did a hilarious montage of all the girls crying. He introduced it by saying that he thinks the reason the show was so popular is because it makes the rest of us feel so good, and then we saw this video of nothing but crying people that just went on and on with running mascara and noses (didn't see for sure if Shandi's snot thing made it in, but...).

    He also asked how Eric felt about having his whole phone conversation with Shandi aired, and Tyra just sort of blew it off by saying, "He signed his whole life away when she came on the show."

    Jimmy also asked several times about whether or not there would be a DVD (because he wanted to see the entire orgy, of course), and Tyra said that they had just had a meeting about that today. She didn't say that they had for sure decided to, but all you DVD hopefuls can keep your fingers crossed.
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    yah i saw it and they did have Shandi and the snot..

    poor eric!

    i sure hope they have a dvd cause i never saw the first season and now i really want to..

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    Thanks for updating us, Miss Griss! Wow, I'm surprised Tyra said that about Eric just because usually she tries to come off as the wise older sister who has advice about everything. :rolleyes

    I saw her on Ryan Seacrest too. I wonder what her spinoff is going to be, plus-size models? One other thing - did anyone else think she looked uncomfortable sitting there, like either her pants were too tight or the chair was too close to the floor?
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    Bumping this--if anybody hears about upcoming appearances, try to post them in this thread so they're all in one place.

    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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