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Thread: Possible Sephora Spoiler??

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    Possible Sephora Spoiler??

    MODEL MYSTERY: Sephora shoppers are doing a double-take at the cosmetics retailer's Spring 2004 catalog, whose cover girl is a dead ringer for Yoanna House one of the three remaining finalists on UPN's America's Next Top Model. Since Model's grand prize includes a Sephora campaign, we had to ask: Did Sephora accidentally reveal the identity of next week's big winner? A UPN spokeswoman declined to comment, but Sephora's PR rep insists the model in question is "not Yoanna." However, when the flack refused to ID the model, we called Sephora's 800 number and a friendly (and soon-to-be-unemployed) customer-service rep told us the lookalike's name is Cassia. Mystery solved. I think.
    --TV Guide

    I wonder if this really tells us anything... the Cassia story might very well be a cover-up, don'cha think?

    I wish there was a picture of the model in question in the article!

    (I tried to post a link to the page, but since I'm new here it won't let me. You can find it on TV Guide Online.)

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    No, it's not a spoiler. It's been much-discussed here already (do a look around, you'll see). This model is NOT Yoanna. It's clearly not her.

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