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Thread: Who do you think will be America's Next Top Model?

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    Oh, oh, oh! Sorry to waste space but I'm a regular now! I feel so . . . regular. I didn't even see it happening!

    As for who will win . . . Oh, I really can't decide--I even think there's the slightest chance Mercedes could pull out all the stops and blow the judges away. I mean, Shannon really impressed them last season with her final performances and I think it was really close. It's so up in the air. I really do wonder how Yoanna would manage the body problem if she got a contract, or rather, how IMG would feel about it. Shandi will almost surely get signed somewhere regardless of whether she wins. I don't know, I'm just happy to be a FORT regular and to wait with you good people on the edge of my stupid office swivel chair for next Tuesday to come.

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    Mercedes all the way. Sephora already has a model with Yoanna's face (see last catalog - not Yoanna but might as well be) and Shandi? Nothing interesting at all with her face. Granted, she looks like a hanger (actually a coatrack), but then again, she looks like a coatrack!(see photos from last episode - yuck. Cut Yoanna out of the photo and it looks like a commercial/preview for an anorexia movie-of-the-week ). IMO, Shandi could possibly cut it on the runway, but will fall prey to either drugs or an eating disorder (not exactly high self-esteem there) but we will never hear from her again. (Note: this is speculation only. I don't know Shandi and don't mean to imply she has an eating disorder - but damn, in last weeks photoshoot she sure looked like it!)
    Mercedes, on the other hand, from looking through her portfolio, really is the most versatile (commercial/high-fashion/ALL her looks are different) and has a much better shot, personality-wise of actually making it in the business. Yoanna - face (beauty) shots only, and more behind the scenes in the industry. JMO.

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    I really think that it's anyone's game at this point. However, I'm wondering how Mercedes can make it in the final two....I just don't see it.
    I expect a Shandi/Yoanna showdown but I have no idea who will take the prize. I'd be happy with either. Shandi has been my favorite and Yoanna second favorite throughout the entire show. We'll know on Tuesday!
    PS: Is the finale one or two hours? I hope two.

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    i hope its Mercedes. I think it may be her because in the alst episode they were mentioning how her commercial look was fading and she was started to look more top model. I think she might pull an Adrianne and lay low for a while but at the end brings it up and steals the show. If not mercedes I really hope Yoanna wins because i thought she was so beautiful last episode with the long hair and she wants it the most and deserves it the most (yea shandi's a walgreen's clerk, but yoanna's a babysitter!) I'm really praying Mercedes and Yoanna in the final 2. Last yr the favorite to win was exed at the final 3 (elyse) I hope they kick shandi out next because her ears are too big, she's too skinny, has god awful hands and feet (look at her solstice photo) and must be unstable if she cheated on her long term boyfriend. Who agree's with me?

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    I've always voted for April until sadly <tear> she was voted out and my second favortite has always been Mercedes (Jenascia being my 3rd). Unfortunately the judges seem to love their little ugly duckling, so whatever. Mercedes till the end baby!

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    I don't agree with you Russocr.

    Anywho, I feel very- strange about who'll win. Obviously, I'm torn between Yoanna and Shandi, but I won't be surprised at. all. if Mercedes was the one to take home the prize. A lot of us, myself included, underestimate her- but besides the Lupus and how she looks somewhat 'commercial'- I think she could be fully capable of winning.

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    SHANDI ALL THE WAY!! haha obviously..i think it will come down to Shandi and maybe Mercedes because they seem to really liek her...then again..Shandi and Yoanna..I dont even know..I just can't wait for next week. Should've been April vs. Shandi though. Either way...Shandi Wins.

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    Except the way in which she'd be against April. ^_^

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    I absolutely want Mercedes to win, but I voted for Shandi since i'm sure she'll be the winner.

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    I agree with you russocr with most of what you said. Just not Mercedes winning...I think that Shandi and Yoanna are better.
    However, as long as Yoanna is in the Top 2 I don't really care if it's Mercedes or Shandi with her. Yoanna all the way!!
    She is the most versatile of the three. She can do everything and she knows how to pose and angle her face to get great shots. Her body can be improved through exercise and once that's done she's gonna be all that!

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