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Thread: Final 2 (spoiler)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    You could be 100% right going by the tape, but just so you know, last year they marched Adrianne, Shannon, Elyse, Robin & Kesse in the final fashion show. I'm not kidding. They did them all to prevent spoilers leaking among the hair & makeup people (I guess). If you look in the ANTM archive it's discussed a lot, and Elyse S. even logged in to explain what they did.
    This would explain why Camille didn't leave right away after her elimination.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Yoanna and Shandi were the final 2.. that's what I first predicted along with April but Mercedes *still not recovered from shock*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurotrash

    I hope what you are saying is true. Although I have developed a nasty feeling of Yoanna winning, I am glad to hear that Shandi at least made first runner up. It would be such an anticlimax if it is Shandi's heel that will brake - The girl who struggled for weeks to master the model walk, ends up with shoes that f**k up at the walk of fame.

    Yoanna winning would be such a scandal since everyone knows that the two girls who should have fought til the end are April and Shandi.
    EVERYONE? The last time I check I did not have a spokesperson and also who says that Yoanna does not have any fans. I like April but she overstepped her bounderies and got dissmissed and she was too robotic. I like Shandi she was winning her challenges honestly and I don't think anyone was giving her any specail treatment like how some of you are claiming. I like Yoanna and she can go far with a face like that I know some of you do not like that body but that can be fixed by surgery and remember Tyra said that no model is perfect and I believe that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by socalqt
    If they cut after the fashion show and then have an extreme photo shoot Shandi is definitely in the final two because they show her taking a photo that looks extreme in the preview for next week.
    So what! In many of these 'reality shows' the producers show things that may want to interest the viewers but that does not give any indication of who the real winner is.

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    I'm sad that Sara isn't gonna win this.

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    i think yoanna and shandi are the f2 also, my thoughts not only from preveiw but the judges will look at mercedes illiness (lupus) as something that could bring her down at any time, even she can not say from day to day how she will feel. i think that and the fact that they, the judges, have said all along that she could really only do commercial.

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    Spoiler from T.v. online possilbe?????

    MODEL MYSTERY: Sephora shoppers are doing a double-take at the cosmetics retailer's Spring 2004 catalog, whose cover girl is a dead ringer for Yoanna House one of the three remaining finalists on UPN's America's Next Top Model. Since Model's grand prize includes a Sephora campaign, we had to ask: Did Sephora accidentally reveal the identity of next week's big winner? A UPN spokeswoman declined to comment, but Sephora's PR rep insists the model in question is "not Yoanna." However, when the flack refused to ID the model, we called Sephora's 800 number and a friendly (and soon-to-be-unemployed) customer-service rep told us the lookalike's name is Cassia. Mystery solved. I think.

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    I don't know if this is correct..I just posted that t.v. guide article..

    I just logged on to Sephora...looked at the hopefully most recent catalog cover..and NO WAY is that YOANNA!!!!!!~!!!!
    SORRY If t.v. was wrong!!!!

    SHould have checked my facts first!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre1980
    So what! In many of these 'reality shows' the producers show things that may want to interest the viewers but that does not give any indication of who the real winner is.
    REEEEEAAAAAAR hisssssss
    Hostile are we? No need for the So what!
    Someone stated that they thought they would do a fahion show and then a cut and then a extreme photo shoot. I saw a screen shot of Shandi. Sorry to be excited that she could possibly be in the top 2. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.

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    All I have to say is GO YOANNA!!!! She has style, class, a tremendous sense of humor and a beautiful face.

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