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Thread: Photos from 3/16 Episode

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    OMG I just saw April on ON AIR.......ahhhhh she is soo pretty (plus skinny) 2
    I want her tooo win...screw Shandi......muahahahaha

    AWW april im gonna miss yoU!

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    What did you just go out to smoke Jade? *freaked out*

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    I have to give props to the photographer for choosing poses that hid Yoanna and Shandi's extreme lack of chest...good job!

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    Yoanna is smart for arching her body
    LOL it makes it so that Shandi can't do it either
    both can't do it cuz then the pic would look weird
    good job Yoanna

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    I like Mercedes' and April's pic the best.

    Yoanna looks the best in her and Shandi's. Shandi, to me, kind of looks like a tall teenage boy in a ten-cent weave, in that shot.

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    Shandi's nose messes up that picture for me...

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    Woah. Agreeing with caramelbeauty- now that April's gone there's a lot of anti-Shandi going around. Not digging this at all.

    Back on topic:

    The Mercedes/April picture is gorgeous. They look more like lovers than sisters to me. And I love how Mercedes looks in this picture- looking up, the light shining on her face- beautiful.
    There's so much.. I can't think of the word.. belonging, I guess- so much belonging in this picture. You can just see it by how April and Mercedes look. Almost like "I belong here. I was meant to be here. With this person."
    Know what I mean? *Shrug* Anyway, yeah, I sort of get that vibe from looking at the picture.


    Loving the Yoanna/Shandi one as well...
    Although, I will admit I'm not liking Shandi's hands very much- this picture overall is brilliant. This definitely has this sort of "sexual tension" vibe whereas the other picture just seems "soft".

    Also, a big thanks to 13 times for posting up these enlarged pics. Awesome.

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    I could take this opportunity to sing Yoanna's praises, but I will refrain. I still hope she wins. And that's all I have to say about that.

    I would also like to say thank you so much for posting these photos since obviously it will be a cold day in hell before we ever see them on the public site. (*cough*stupidfrikkinupncensor ship*cough*)

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    I like how by this point in the competition, it seems like every photograph is beautiful. No worst picture here! This photo shoot was hot, and with two girls together, it was probably almost twice as difficult.

    The photograph of Mercedes and April is very sensual, with the soft lighting and low contrast. Mercedes glows. April doesn’t look quite as good, but this has a lot to do with the angle of her face.

    I prefer Shandi and Yoanna’s photo, though. Yoanna is stunning. I love the graceful curve of her back, her coloring, the expression in her face... (To everyone who said she should have been eliminated, I think this picture proves that she deserved to stay.) Shandi’s presence in the picture isn’t as powerful and she looks a bit tense, but I still think she turned out. Shandi was, of course, a bit distracted.

    Thank you so so so much for posting these, 13 times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    (To everyone who said she should have been eliminated, I think this picture proves that she deserved to stay.)
    Thank you.

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