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Thread: Who'd be Cast?

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    Pookipichu, the only way I know how to post a pic is to use google images. I click on the pic and click on the "see full image". Then I copy the site. To post, I put img in brackets [] the site address and then /img in brackets []
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    Nancy Kwan was also in Flower Drum Song and she enjoys being a girl. Here are the lyrics.
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    Season 1 Contestants:

    Sara-Angelina Jolie
    Yoanna-a young Aundry Hepburn
    April-Lucy Liu
    Shandi-Leelee Sobiesky
    Mercedes-Michelle Roudreguiz(I know I spell her last name wrong )
    Camille-Niomi Campbell
    Anna-Monica Belluci(it may sound weird, but I think she can pull it off)
    Heather-Christina Aguilara(when she was innocent)
    Catie-Sarah Carter
    Jenaisha-Jessica Alba

    Season 1 contestants

    Shannon-Britney Spears(when she was innocent)
    Adrianne-Liv Tyler
    Elyse-Wionna Ryder
    Robin-Niomi Campbell
    Kesse-Tyra Banks(yep and Tyra look freakinshly alike sometimes)
    Nicole-Jennie Garth
    Katie-Adriana Lima(yeah I know, she's a model, not an official actress, sue me).
    Tessa-Josie Maron()
    Ebony-a bald Niomi

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    April- Christina Ricci
    Mercedes- Angelina Jolie (maybe)
    Shandi- Cameron Diaz
    Yoanna- Liv Tyler

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    Ehh.. Christina Ricci as April? Angelina Jolie as Mercedes? Cameron Diaz as Shandi????? *Shakes head*

    I thought with the long hair, Yoanna looked like Liv Tyler... short hair- not so much. Can't really think of anybody to fit the roles, really.
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    I thought of another possibility for Shandi. How about Gwyneth Paltrow?

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    I agree Eldee, Gywneth for Shandi.....your good at this!

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