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Thread: Ideas for an ANTM Spinoff Series!

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    QuackWabbit,,,,,hilarious, you made my day.

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    OMG... I have never laughed so hard from any thread on this site.... Those were HILARIOUS!!!!! Quack, and Pook... you are gods! *bows down*
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    Mr. Bulky
    How about "Models Who Don't Steal from Mr. Bulky's Candy Stores". This will obviously NOT star Shandi Sullivan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bulky
    How about "Models Who Don't Steal from Mr. Bulky's Candy Stores". This will obviously NOT star Shandi Sullivan.
    Are you really Mr. Bulky, because if you are, that's a pretty mean thing to say and if you aren't, Tee hee that was hilarious man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kaos
    Are you really Mr. Bulky, because if you are, that's a pretty mean thing to say and if you aren't, Tee hee that was hilarious man!

    That's not really Mr. Bulky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quack-Wabbit
    ANTM Factor. I can picture it now.

    JAY MANUEL: Come on in girls, it's time for your first challenge. You'll all have to eat three Madagascar hissing- wait, where's Shandi?

    HEATHER: *shrugs* Last time I saw her, some Italian guy had his tongue down her throat.

    JAY: Heather, it says in you contracts that you're NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK during the show. I'm sorry, you've been disqualified.

    HEATHER: *leaves wordlessly*

    JAY: Anyways, you have to eat three Mada-

    APRIL: *raises her hand* Excuse me, Jay?

    JAY: Yes, April?

    APRIL: I've done some calcuations, and there are over 263,493 ways this challenge could turn out. None of them in my favour. I'm afraid I'll have to quit.

    JAY: Wow, you really are analytical. OK, you can leave, I suppose.

    APRIL: *breaks down into sobs* But I'm not used to losing!

    *everyone else takes a step back*

    JAY: Ahem, anyways, you have to ea- WHERE'S ANNA?

    SARA: Yo, she couldn't come. Something about being Christ-like.

    JAY: You know, at this point, I really don't care.

    *At this point, BETHANY topples forward, and, propelled by the gravity of her chest, lands in a tank of sharks that was intended for the final stunt. She doesn't come back out.*

    MERCEDES: This really isn't working out well.

    JAY: *talking over her* You'll have to eat three Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and you have to do it in this FABULOUS designer brand clothing. *produces a series of faux futuristic bikinis that look unnecessarily uncomfortable*.

    YOANNA: Ooo! This is so exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting!

    *everyone takes another step back*

    CATIE: I can't do it! It's too much pressure! *begins to sob violently. MERCEDES consoles her.*

    MERCEDES: You can do it.

    CATIE: No! I'm. Going.To. *sob* Fall. To. My. Death. *runs out of the warehouse sobbing and snotting*

    JAY: Can we start the stunt? OK. First, would everyone form a lineup? *The girls line up and approach an amusement park "You must be this tall" sign set at 5'8"* Oh, I'm sorry, Jenascia. You fall just short of the mark.

    JENASCIA: Why does this always happen to me? *two burly guards come and drag her out of the warehouse*

    JAY: Okay. Looks like it's down to Yoanna, Mercedes, Sara, Xiomara and Camille. Which is odd, since the first stunt hasn't even started yet. Why don't we start with you, Sar-

    *SARA lies unconscious on the floor. The complicated designer clothing has some how strangled her. A man in a white coat drags her off screen.*

    JAY: I mean, why don't we start with Mercedes?

    *MERCEDES completes the task flawlessly, and looks spectacular doing it.*

    JAY: Mercedes, that was outstanding, but when that drip of cockroach bile was dribbling down your cheek, the judges thought it was a bit too.... commercial. We're sorry, you've been eliminated.

    MERCEDES: Aw, shucks! That's not good! *skips merrily off the set*

    JAY: She needs some depressants. OK, Yoanna, you're next.

    *YOANNA completes it extremely well, and with gusto.*

    JAY: That was great and all... but you're a size two. And that's a bit of a plus size in this industry.

    YOANNA: Bu- I lost forty five pounds!

    JAY: And here you are gorging on cockroaches! You should be ashamed of yourself! I think you have an eating disorder.

    CAMILLE: She does, but don't tell her I said that.

    YOANNA: I'm right here!

    CAMILLE: Um, um, um.... Mercedes has lupus!

    JAY: What?

    CAMILLE: And Xiomara has the plague!

    XIOMARA: Hey!

    JAY: Wow, you really are a b****.

    XIOMARA: Oh, it's on! *her eyes bug out of her head, and she punches CAMILLE in the mouth*

    JAY: No physical contact! I'm sorry, Xiomara, you're disqualified.

    *XIOMARA's eyes bug out further and her head spins around. An exorcist arrives and escorts her out*

    YOANNA: That explains why she started to melt when I threw holy water on her.

    JAY: You threw holy water on her?

    YOANNA: Oh, I throw holy water on everything.

    JAY: O....kay. Camille, it's all on your shoulders.

    CAMILLE: I can't. My lips are all swollen from when Xiomara punched me.

    JAY: Just do it!

    CAMILLE: Fine, fine. But I'm a trooper for even attempting it.

    *CAMILLE inexplicably begins to vogue while eating her cockroach.*

    JAY: I'm afraid Yoanna did it quicker than you.

    YOANNA: Looks like Ivory beat Ebony.

    CAMILLE: I did well, considering I was named America's Next Top Model back in 2004.

    JAY: What the-

    CAMILLE: -After my signature walk made me famous. I then became a famous actress, who was known for her brilliant adlibs.

    JAY: Camille, we're going to call a doctor.

    CAMILLE: But I am a doctor. Or I will be. After all, you can be in medical school and modelling at the same time. I proved that, even though I only came in third. My friend Adrianne once said-

    YOANNA: *to JAY* She thinks she's Elyse.

    CAMILLE: -And then I hosted the Apprentice, a competition to determine the newest employee to my conglomerate. But that was only after I became America's Sweetheart by forging a touching bond with Rodger in the Outback.

    JAY: She appears to be channeling various reality show personalities.

    CAMILLE: -But it all started with my winning America's Next Top Model 2004. Thanks to my signature walk.

    *CAMILLE explodes and several howling evil spirits fly out of her remains and into the atmosphere.*

    JAY: Well, Yoanna. You're the only one left. It looks like you win, and fear is not a factor for you.

    YOANNA: Oh, this has always been my dream! When I was a little girl, I always used to make my Barbies eat goat intestines and...

    *fade to black*

    But that's just my interpretation.

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    After watching the show, I want to become a photographer. Wouldn't that be a great spinoff idea? America's Next Top Photographer? The guest models could be from previous ANTMs...

    Would y'all watch me if I was vying to become ANTP? I'd grope Nigel, slap around Jay and play tonsil hockey with Jannice D.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    I totally just saw a show on where women were competing to be photographers for Vibe magazine. cool.
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    What about America's Next Top Designer? I think it would be interesting to see the new and upcoming fashion designers.

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    I Think They Should Have America's Next Top male Model

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