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Thread: Top Model Quotables

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrocuting
    anna "could you tell me where broad street is?" so random but i love to say it with her accent when im in the city

    jenascia "there was some difficult stuff though like all the buttons and the straps...the shoes, OH MY"

    yoanna "i love the color scheme and the art, i wanted to touch the canvases but i didnt want to be liable for breaking anything"

    j. "black girls always gotta put that lil extra, i aint mad at you"

    yoanna "and when i confronted you" with the fingers

    camille "really like, dont play me, you have a better chance at playin lotto and that shits like one in a billion"

    carmen marc valvo "camille was a lil aggressive in the showroom, i was like mmMMmm"

    yoanna "it is getting to the point where it is so negative in this house, the energy is driving me crazy, its like we have to open the windows and let JUST, IM NOT FINISHED, JUST WAIT... just because you know why, its just so built up"

    camille "so what you think im gonna do? you think im gonna go there and push her into a bunch of caviar?"

    jenascia "i heard a couple of times 'you're short, you're short, look taller'... screw it, im gonna be short and you guys are gonna like it"

    j. "girl, you walk like you on crack, your eyes were so bugged out of your head, like something just scared the hell out of you"

    catie "its a stinkin tomato and 6 pieces of lettuce..get over it"

    xiomara "this morning, we have to work out with marrrrtin. hes like yo yo whats up?, come to my gym"

    sara "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    tyra "in terms of personal style heres one where i look like a damn fool..i look like a ho..even though im wearing a skirt, what the hell?? what the hell am i wearing a bikini top to an award show?
    "i had lost my damn mind"

    adrianne "sup ladieszss"
    "long day? im gonna be naked in a pool covered in diamonds, what are you talking about long day????"

    tyra "squint like your mad"

    jenascia "i love hats.. and the belt, because i felt like i ..needed.. something to go...with..the ..hat.."

    mercedes "*sniff* agh" after tyra talks to her one on one and she leans in for a hug"

    yoanna "CAMILLE! because shes a witch"

    nole "she looked like a walrus, wearing chiffon"
    "empress mini, as you all know"

    mercedes "i cant remember how big they were to begin with" as camille puts up her fist

    catie "we're gonna get her some BLING"

    mercedes "thats so zoolander right there"

    april "aw..alrightt" lookin scared while rizzo was talking

    shandi "a hummer limo...pimped out as hell, oh my god"

    sara "i kinda messed up twice so i was just like oh crap and kinda walked back to my place.. and what can i do?

    janice "you look like a 1920's flapper, flapping there"
    "you go girl, you go girl, you go, shes in"

    mercedes "idioto"

    camille "i feel quite.......... royal?"
    These are toooo funny... please someone put out ANTM on DVD

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    season one!!!!

    adrianne "im with my kind, a bunch of amazon women with big feet and i finally feel like i fit in for once"
    "can i shower with you, elyse? elyse is a slut!"
    "you guys, we have italian dressing? can i just smell it? is this low fat? ohhh noooooo"
    "whose gonna wanna sleep on the bed that gets farted on constantly?"
    "okayyyyyyyy sooo... son of a bitch"
    "how do you say adrianne has enormous cha chas?"
    "how do you say, elyse, how bad does your cooch smell?"
    "i belive in a higher power i dont believe the higher power askes you to sacrifice every damn moment of your life"
    "i dont want to listen to what that bitch had to say, shes psychotic"
    "she doesnt seem very christ like to me, in fact i think she secretly worships the devil"
    "if there is really this big wonderful women in the sky, then hes gonna woop her ass when she gets up there"
    "you know what ? i know how to work. the. men.!"
    "dude they have set this up for our romantic night together elyse"
    "i guess i proved that i could be a broad"
    "robin has to realize, here comes the queen, better move over, this is my house now"
    "i just feel like throwing you around like a ragdoll"

    elyse "i was laughing at your ugly tits"
    adrianne "i have beautiful tits, almost everyone who looks at my boobs are like god theyre so beautiful and jiggly"

    adrianne " i need a boyfriend for this place, would you be my boyfriend?"
    elyse "sure madam"

    elyse "what are we doing?"
    adrianne "having a talk with shannon"
    elyse "shannon when a man and a women love eachother very much like your father and i"

    adrianne "can i use this for 2 seconds?
    shannon "no"

    adrianne "look at that zit, that zit needs to go before tomorrow, thats a big whopper"
    shannon "pop it"
    adrianne "ew"
    shannon "you want me to pop it for you, i swear itll go down"
    adrianne "noooo its painful"
    shannon "pleassse?"
    adrianne "NO"

    adrianne "i feel like i love janice dickenson"
    janice "well i didnt vote for you"

    adrianne "goodnight shannon"
    shannon "goodnight"
    adrianne "tomorrow we fight to the deathhhh"

    tyra "we have janice dickenson, one of the first supermodels"

    ebony "excuse me.. im talking and you singing in the middle of it"
    "robin this is not a bible study program, this is not a sorority, this is a model competition"
    "adrianne is sick guys, you havent noticed, shes been quiet for 3 hours! listen... NOTHING"
    "im baffled, im baffled, ive got garbage to put away. excuse me"

    jay "do you think its okay to masturbate?"

    giselle "they were staring at your pictures forever.. nicole"
    nicole "what does that mean?"
    giselle "i dont know... your being eliminated nicole! Thats what it means"
    nicole "yea not going anywhere i still have 2 more weeks worth of clothes"

    tyra "tyra has to unbotton her pants for the feast"

    giselle talking about ebony "'this is a competition this is a competion'and its like were in the house right now, will you calm down with the competion. you know we try to say something, and UGHUGHGHGUGHGH, she has to bark over your voice and its so freakin annoying"

    ebony talking to giselle "i have nothing else to say, do you have someting to say to me? ...FABOULOUS, if wanna say something , girl youve got a mouth, you can definetly use it, now im gonna go finish my strawberry shortcake.

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    I love the quotes, electrocuting!

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    Adrienne and Elsye were so fun together.

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    Season 1 was so much better. I think they try to cram a lot into Season 2, so in doing that, they sacrifice a lot of the personal interaction.

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    My FAVORITE quotes this season were from Jenascia, she cracks me the hell up!!

    "I don't know what we're doing here, but I hope it has something to do with food, because i am hungry!!"

    "So does this mean we're not eating?!"

    there's about a million others, I miss Jenascia!!!

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    Another piece of Jenascia wisdom: "It is SO on...."

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    I like when the actress was there and she was like "C'mon Camille, you're sucking!"
    or when Mercedes was like "I don't know what's better sex or Milan, wait definitely sex, no Milan, no sex, no Milan, SEX"

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    Quote Originally Posted by martini
    Nicole turned down the offer to go because she wanted to go back to the apartment and wait for her bf to call. Jay was basically insulted by her attitude
    well imho Jay was out of line ...his classless 'burger king' comment was really really trite. if it wasn't on reality tv I think nicole would have slapped him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMrox
    well imho Jay was out of line ...his classless 'burger king' comment was really really trite. if it wasn't on reality tv I think nicole would have slapped him.

    I agree that it was pretty rude. I was hoping that he was just trying to give her a wake-up call and that he didn't mean it. (I love me some Jay). But maybe he was just demonstrating the "ugly side of the beauty business."
    Shaken, not stirred.

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