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Thread: Possible spolier...

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    Possible spolier...

    I just heard on a local radio station the the girl who lost 60lbs before the show won!!! Rumors Rumors.....Could it really be Yoanna?

    time will tell!!

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    Anti All Things CoverGirl
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    I'd be ecstatic if Yoanna won.

    However, I have to doubt a source that can't even get the facts straight. She lost 45 lbs. Not 60.

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    socalqt socalqt's Avatar
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    I have heard a lot of hype about Yoanna being the winner. It could happen. I think with the final four it could be anyones game. We never know what is going to happen in the coming episodes.
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    Give Me A Hug biggbaddgirl's Avatar
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    I've also read in a few places that Yoanna is the winner but is there any truth to it? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    This has been said so much, it's dead and buried.

    There is no proof of this. The girl in the Sephora ad looks NOTHING like her, and, they would not have even done the shoot already. I even saw the Sephora ad at the mall in a Sephora make-up shop. The ad was everywhere in the store.

    I doubt they would do that.

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    The girl in the Sephora ad looks NOTHING like her
    Yeah. I just saw the magazine cover online and I kept thinking "So this is supposed to be Yoanna? Please."
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    It Would be ok With me if Yoanna Won Her and Shandi are My favorites
    Who i want to Win: Shandi
    Who Derserves to Win: Yoanna

    That was my Whole thing From the Start, Plus i Dont Really Like Mercedes or April So if Shandi 0or Yoanna Wins it All is Right with The World

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    REALITY BITES Wisconsinswede's Avatar
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    Yolanna really deserves it......she has that oh so distinct look about her!

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    As Elyse said on Season One:
    "It's not a goddamn human right to win a modelling contract" HA!
    That just came to mind as I was reading these posts.

    I wouldn't be upset if Yoanna won, she's my second favorite.
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    Yoanna would be perfect on the cover of Sephora! The other girls weren't really made to model makeup.

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