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Thread: Help! Who else fell?

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    Help! Who else fell?

    Don't know why this is bothering me, but does anyone else know who else bailed during the whole music video shoot-Yoanna fall? When she bailed, you'll notice that some of the male dancers pushed some girl out to dance who also bailed but you can't see who it is...does anyone know? I was thinking it was possibly Tyra because they almost tried to hide it but then Tyra was watching the girls dancing....but then maybe that was editing?
    If it were another contestant, they probably would have made a bigger deal about it? Maybe it was a back-up dancer?
    Any ideas?

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    Back-up dancer, I think.

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    I thought it was Mercedes...... the person they pushed out was wearing red like her outfit?

    I dunno tho........

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    If it was Mercedes, I'm pretty sure it would have been more obvious; they'd make sure we knew it was her. I think it was a back-up dancer, almost positive.

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    At how Urgent the title of this Post is

    Ahh! what's wrong?
    um... who else fell in the background of that one episode?
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    I believe it was Camille. I noticed this also, like "Hey, did they just push Camille out there? HARHAR!"

    The girl was wearing a black top and pants and fishnet stockings. Just like Camille.

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    yeah, Closetnerd, I guess it was pretty urgent sounding! but i has been bothering me for weeks now!

    but if it was Camille that fell, don't you think they would have made a big deal about it? I have no idea why this is so important to me.

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    Camille didn't fall though. All they did was push her out there.

    Not to mention, if any of the other girls did fall, I doubt they would have mentioned it. April had a mental breakdown on the 3rd episode but they completely cut it out.

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