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Thread: 3/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Y'know although Bethany had a very 'cheap' look, she was somewhat pretty .........but the camera didn't think so!

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    Was the show on last night? Because it wasn't on here. There was a baseball game on instead. I'm pi$$ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMrox
    Froste what's XD.? You seem to like it alot

    inquriring minds want to know!

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    XD is squinty eyes coupled with laugh-out-loud. ie. something is hilarious.

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    Last night's show was 5 minutes of entertainment and 40 minutes of crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisastory
    Last night's show was 5 minutes of entertainment and 40 minutes of crap.

    Amen to that! I thought it was supposed to be primarily never before seen footage. All they did was replay what we've already viewed. What a disappointment!

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    So I guess I didn't miss anything then. I'm still confused as to why it was aired other places and not here. I think our feed is from Chicago.

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    Last night reminded me why I was so exasperated with some of the challenges this season - some people spend years in training to be actors and dancers. And the ANTM women are expected to learn and do the skills others spend years learning, overnight?

    I know that models need to be able to move, emote for the camera, and read lines for commercials/etc. And I could be wrong, but the kinds of acting and dancing they were asked to do was pretty advanced for the kind of movement (for a runway or still camera vs. dancers in a music video) or acting (commercials vs. on-stage scenes) that they'll have to do as models.

    I liked seeing them do the commercial, because (to me) that's more of the kinds of things they'll be asked to do in the future.

    Just my two cents - I know some dancer friends of mine were frustrated by it as well!

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    OK, I had missed the first few episodes, so I guess they do the clip show partly for people like me who are behind. This was the first I had really seen of some people, like Heather. It was funny and embarrassing when she couldn't stop opening her mouth during the Laundry shoot. And then, as she is doing her farewell interview, says (and I paraphrase from memory, but still, I know I balked at the gist of it): "It just hurts so much, *sniff, sniff* because I know I'm so much prettier than a lot of those girls." Ick! I do not concur, mallrat! Regular, in-person, non-modelling pretty maybe. Although she is just 18, and I never got to see how potentially delightful and endearing her personality may??? have been . . .

    Jenascia's departure on the other hand, made me wish I had seen the shows she was in--she's great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    htey need to bring those drag queens back...they were fabalous! ^^

    And I got to crack up again at Catie's "witchie-poo-shoes" feet kicking as she was dangling...I know it's mean, but i cracked up anyway.
    YESSSSSSSSSS Hilarious!

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