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Thread: ANTM Pre-empted tonight??!!

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    J/J for the win! DJeterFan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by makerc
    Hey HateRealityTV, to FORT! Nice username

    Just for the record, DJeterFan after our battle outside the FORT grounds:

    Just no match for a Sox fan, that's all.

    But I decided he's not such a bad guy, for a diehard Yankee fan. He's alright in my books.

    For the record, I'm a girl.

    But you're not so bad yourself, I guess. We can all come together for America's Next Top Model.

    How many episodes are left, anyways? Anyone know?

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    I'm sorry - me too, a lot of people mistake me for a guy because of my username. I think there's only 3 episodes left

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