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Thread: What has been your favorite photo overall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Have you seen a large (like....10x the size of the picture on the website) pic of Sara's Laundry pic? The makeup is GORGEOUS!
    That's probably the problem. The site pics are so small, you can't see anything!

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    definitely april's underwater pic. before she went under, just seeing the makeup and clothes, i said, "she is gonna look HOT" and she did. absolutely gorgeous.

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    I like April's Eve and Queench
    Shandi's Laundry and Solstice

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    Billie Holiday by Mercedes was awesome! Following would be Sara's Madden shot, she looks amazing. I must say though, April also has a great Madden shot in addition to the underwater pic. Oh now I've spoken too much! I can't choose people, you can't make me! :phhht

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