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Thread: Show not new this week....

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    Show not new this week....

    Just read that the "orgy" episode has been pushed back a week and that this week's show will feature a look back at the previous 8 episodes this season.

    That really sucks. I hate those flashback shows. They're just trying to stretch the thing out.

    Here's the blurb:
    + also: the orgy episode has apparently been pushed back a week, as this week's episode will be "a recap of this season's first eight episodes."

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    ...delayed "gratification." certainly makes it
    more dramatic.



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    Are they just showing parts of the previous episodes or a marathon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Are they just showing parts of the previous episodes or a marathon?
    Recapping the last eight shows and then some behind the scenes looks. Check out my other thread I started.. UPN is making MAJOR time slot changes and ANTM will NO LONGER BE ON WEDNESDAYS! They are moving it completely to Tuesday night starting this week. New Episode (The orgy one) will air next Tuesday 3/23!!

    Check your local listings everyone!! Here in NY ANTM airs in the 9pm slot!!
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    And does that mean the "orgy" episode is the last one, or are there still two more after that? I'm assuming there's still 2, since there's still 3 people to eliminate!
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