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Thread: EW's Final 4 Odds. Do you agree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martini
    Oops!! My bad. Thanks for the correction. Since you are a guest, you may not have noticed how, ahem, serious folks are about getting it right with their faves.
    Actually, I HAVE noticed that people are serious about their favorites. People aren't shy about dissing their nonfavorites.

    Re: new odds (thanks for posting them, ShandiRocks). I think I agree with them. I'd rank them Mercedes, April, Shandi, Yoanna. As I've mentioned, I'm rooting like gangbusters for Shandi, but Mercedes' lupus-combatting storyline and her commercial appeal (yup, despite what the judges say) will let her win out at the end.

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    Hey, I will not hold back if April does something that annoys me. If she takes an abtrocious photo, I'll be the first one on here to go, "WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOO APRILLLLL!!"

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