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Thread: Is anyone else getting obsessed with this show?

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    Oh man totally. I've had 2 now... both of them completely different except in both of them it was my day to get voted off and I just knew it... The last one I was mad as He11 that my boyfriend woke me up.
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    I don't have dreams but earlier today while looking at the TV guide channel, I thought I say a movie called, "Shandi Sullivan" but it was "Small Soldiers"

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    We're all here aren't we? LOL

    And I'm checking everyday, waiting on pins and needles for them to put up Camille's transcript, so you be the judge

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    i love this show!!!! i cant miss a mintue of it

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    [b][i]ya Im Definately Obsessed. I Can Wait Until The Next Show Is On. My Boyfriends Thinks Im Weird Cuz I Love The Show So Much

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    I'm not obsessed with ANTM. Am I in denial?

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    You sure as poopy are, Hykit.

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    I'm definitely obsessed, possibly even more than my favorite show in the world, Alias. I mean I have never posted in forums for a show before, but I have been guilty of reading Alias forums. In fact, before I started posting in here, I was reading the threads and debating whether to post, but now I am addicted to reading and posting in the threads. This show isn't even the best out there, but there is something about that makes me drawn into it. By the way, to be way off topc, did anybody watch Alias tonight? The episode wasn't that good, but still good enough to subdue my cravings for Alias for at least a day!

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    Just a lil bit!

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    C'mon ANTM obsessives, no matter who your favorite is, or what your opinion, we all enjoy the same show! I feel a grouphug coming on!!!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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