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Thread: Ideas for the next season(s)

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    Ideas for the next season(s)

    Hey, So now that we got a big chunk of the season two life. What would you like to see that we haven't so far.
    I think if they go to another country like they did season 1(Paris) and season 2(Verona).
    I think they will go to Tokyo,London or Brazil for seasons 3 or 4. Or i would like that.
    It seems they might be going to the places like from the theme rooms of Season 1. Milan,Paris, Tokyo, London and Maimi.
    London seems great for high fashion.
    So what are some ideas for the upcoming seasons?

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    As other people have mentioned, I would like to see everyone stick around for at least 4 episodes and get a portfolio going and then boot off the people who just aren't kickin it. People seem to have some good weeks and some bad. It just seems unfair that the first person to have a bad week is the first booted off.
    I'd like to see some more fashion, swimwear, and make-up shots.
    Maybe bring in another big judge like Lagerfeld!

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    Yeah i agree. Although i was mad that Anna didn't do the photo shoot. I didn't mind she got the cut. But if they did keep them around so they can get use to the system.
    then start the cutting

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    omg Tokyo

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    i want them to do multiple person photos, mabe have them pair up and have a shoot like that. Id like to see them go to moscow, russia mabe do a photo shoot in red square or mabe in frnot of those beautiful russian buildings, and id like lots more hi fashion photo shoots like the eve, laundry etc....

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    Ew, that drooling smiley is disgusting

    Oh, I'd like to see that too Russo!!! Can you imagine an April Shandi team up? Now THAT'S Heaven on Earth

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    haha i agree on that one. just imagine them doing that in Italy right now. Then Tyra says since we are doing teams pair with the girl who you will do well with. Some teams will be eliminated tonight.
    And then Shandi and April fight off on the cat walk

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    maybe, a SHARK TANK photo shoot, with real sharks and they can be dressed as mermaids.

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    OMG!!!!! That photo would KICK ASS. Only have some be in the water and some out.

    Mermaids are so beautiful. If you saw Charmed's Season 5 premiere, omg...
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