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  • April

    6 6.74%
  • Mercedes

    51 57.30%
  • Shandi

    6 6.74%
  • Yoanna

    26 29.21%
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Thread: Who do you think will be eliminated from Episode 9?

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    I really hope that Shandi isn't sent home.

    I think that this could be Mercedes' last week....for some reason I think Yoanna is going to be in top 3

    I haven't heard anything about any girl quitting., last week they said one girl would consider quitting and i think that was referring to yoanna wanting to go home after they criticized her body.

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    They haven't shown what the photo shoot is yet, but I predict we'll finally get to see the girls in swimsuits; so I vote Yoanna as being the next to go, then Mercedes.

    I've based my prediction on the fact that Yoanna's body flaw was finally brought to the forefront last week. It's been simmering for awhile, but I believe they edited it this way to lead into her axe this week. Mercedes commercialism will be brought up once again this week, so that it will be apparent why she is cut in two weeks.

    I'm rooting for Shandi to win it all. She reminds me a lot of some of my favorite friends (messed up and insecure with a good heart). Shandi's life would also be the one most changed by winning.

    So far I've been right with every prediction I've made. I'm not sure if that means I'm more or less likely to be right again. *crosses fingers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShandiRocks
    I voted for Mercedes because it seems the judges like something about every other contestant but Mercedes (excluding her personality). I mean April always has flawless photographs, Shandi also has excellent photographs and the judges love her, and Yoanna has a beautiful face (and apparently a very badly toned body). The judges never really comment about Mercedes' pictures.

    I think it will either be Mercedes or Yoanna, but most likely Mercedes!!

    (unless Shandi leaves because of the "bad situation" or her concentration becomes very broken because she is in such a state of sadness and guilt, I doubt she'll be out though.)
    If anyone has a "badly toned" body, it's Shandi! She doesn't have a single visible muscle, and where she does have any flesh, it's flabby. Or at least her behind was when they started out.

    You can count poor Yoanna's ribs, for god's sake, and she's been working with a personal trainer for ages. I think that her problem is that she is slightly barrel-chested. She can't do anything about that, except learn how to pose to hide it--which she did in the Solstice shoot, as Nigel pointed out. She looked fabulous. Sh'e also almost completely flat-chested, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. It does emphasize the other issue, though. I suppose that--horrors!--she could get **small** implants if she really wanted to do this. I think she should go get a job with a designer instead. She really knows and loves couture.

    I think Mercedes is the next to go.

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    I have no clue who goes next. (Don't see Shandi going anywhere anytime soon.) But I do know who ever leaves. It will be a tear jerker for everyone.

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    Yeah, Yoanna would make a great and enthusiastic fashion buyer or something--she would have a good eye for it, I bet, and her body frustrations could take the back burner (and she'd likely still get to wear amazing clothes). For her sanity's sake, I would wish that for her over winning the competition.

    I really hope Shandi gets to (or chooses to) stay and have the chance to be in the remaining photo shoots.

    I'm guessing Mercedes or Yoanna, but I'm afraid of jinxing something.

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    QUOTE=lalol]Gut says: Mercedes[/QUOTE]
    Same here. She is a really cute girl. I think everybody will be sad to see her go.

    Then again, eliminations are getting more and more difficult to predict... A lot depends on what happens. Will Shandi's issue with her boyfriend affect her performance? Will Yoanna be able to make her body work? Will Mercedes find her edge? Will April let go?

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    Mercedes is buh-bye. (although I say Mercedes is buh-bye every week so what the heck do I know?)


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    Ya I also think Mercedes, and if not her Yoanna...

    I hope it's Yoanna!!
    Yahtzee! Game on! We will make your life here a living hell. She's constantly in my ear, constantly in my ear. I'll see you in Arizona...with about 50 guys. If you thought you were running sh*t, that's gonna change!

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    April isn't going anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrocuting
    I hope Shandi quits but i voted Mercedes.
    Agreed. I would like to see Shandi go, but I think it will be Mercedes.

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