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Thread: Final Four Portfolios

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    Aprils is always the first or second best. Shandi and Yoanna are tied. Mercedes last
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    I'm confused how you guys have whole numbers and end up with decimals
    Yep, lol.

    Anyway, I'm not going to score any of the pictures. Judging by the pictures though, it's safe to say that the remaining girls definitely deserve to be up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    I'm confused how you guys have whole numbers and end up with decimals

    Because it is the average... So you assign points for what they would get if you thought their pic was the best (in mine a 4) through worst (in mine a 1).. then you add up all the points for each model, from each shoot... and divide it by the number of shoots there were (7).. that is the average of the model
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    oo ok

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    <Shriek of laughter> thanks for putting up those pics! I get so much joy from seeing those Quench photos of Shandi, Mercedes, and Yoanna's.
    Shandi's and Mercedes' because they look so hilarious and Yoanna's because of the whole adult fetus thing with the blood aroud her....too funny!
    And Shandi's Eve face is just awful.

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    My thoughts:

    Strongest Eve: Yoanna (I would buy those contacts)
    Weakest Eve: Shandi (the face does nothing for me)
    Strongest Steve: Mercedes
    Weakest Steve: Yoanna
    Strongest Laundry: Shandi
    Weakest Laundry: Mercedes
    Strongest Celebrity: tie: Yoanna/Mercedes (beautiful and the personalities of the celebs comes through).
    Weakest Celebrity: tie: Shandi/April (beautiful shots but they don't look at all like the celebs).
    Strongest Quench: April
    Weakest Quench: Shandi
    Stronget Beauty: Yoanna
    Weakest Beauty: Shandi
    Strongest Solstice: Shandi
    Weakest Solstice: April

    So... IMOHO the spread is pretty even across the board!
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    you're welcome

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    I think Shandi and April have the best portfolios. The only problem with April is that she looks like she is trying to hard.

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    It's interesting how different everyone's opinions are. I think it shows how subjective these competitions really are.

    Here are my picks:

    Eve: 1. April 2. Shandi 3. Mercedes 4. Yoanna
    Steve Madden: 1. Mercedes 2. April 3. Shandi 4. Yoanna
    Laundry: 1. Shandi 2. April 3. Yoanna 4. Mercedes
    Celebrity: 1. Mercedes 2. Shandi 3. April 4. Yoanna
    Queench: 1. April 2. Yoanna 3. Mercedes 4. Shandi
    Beauty Shots: 1. Mercedes 2. Shandi 3. Yoanna 4. April
    Solstice: 1. Shandi 2. Yoanna 3. April 4. Mercedes

    Overall, I think Shandi or Yoanna have the best model look, though I absolutely love Mercedes's eyes and April photographs very well.

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    Eve: April, Shandi, Mercedes, Yoanna
    Steve Madden: April, Shandi, Yoanna, Mercedes
    Laundry: Shandi, April, Yoanna, Mercedes
    Celebrity: Mercedes, Yoanna, Shandi, April
    Queench: April, Yoanna, Shandi, Mercedes
    Beauty Shot: April, Yoanna, Mercedes, Shandi
    Solstice: Shandi, Yoanna, Mercedes, April

    April: 3
    Shandi: 2.7
    Yoanna: 2
    Mercedes: 1.85
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