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Thread: Final Four Portfolios

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    My opinion:

    Eve: 1. Mercedes 2. Shandi 3. April 4. Yoanna
    Steve Madden: 1. Shandi 2. Yoanna 3. April 4. Mercedes
    Laundry: 1. Shandi 2. Yoanna 3. April 4. Mercedes
    Celebrity: 1. Mercedes 2. Yoanna 3. April 4. Shandi
    Queench: 1. Yoanna 2. April 3. Mercedes 4. Shandi
    Beauty Shots: 1. Yoanna 2. April 3. Mercedes 4. Shandi
    Solstice: 1. Yoanna 2. Shandi 3. April 4. Mercedes

    That was actually kind of interesting to think about. I didn't realize how even these girls are--no clear winner, even in my own preferences. But I think, overall, Mercedes will be the next to go. And I will miss her. It's also funny that, though I'm betting on April to win this, I didn't pick one of her pictures for a best. Hmmm...
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    Eve - 4=April, 3=Yoanna, 2=Mercedes, 1=Shandi
    Madden - 4 =April, 3=Mercedes, 2=Yoanna 1=Shandi
    Laundry 4= Shandi, 3=Yoanna, 2=April, 1=Mercedes
    Celebrity 4=Mercedes, 3=Yoanna, 2=Shandi 1=April
    Quench 4=April, 3=Yoanna, 2=Mercedes, 1=Shandi
    Beauty 4=Yoanna, 3=April, 2=Mercedes, 1=Shandi
    Solstice 4=Shandi, 3=Yoanna, 2=April, 1=Mercedes

    Averaged out...
    3= Yoanna
    2.85= April
    2.14 = Mercedes
    2 = Shandi
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    Hmm... Well I *do* like Shandi, and I'm glad she is in the competition still, but based on her portfolio, I think she is teh weakest of the bunch.... She looks ridiculous in the eve shot, I'm not liking the madden shot because of her hair, she just looks really white trash in that pic! lol, Her laundry shot is great, the celebrity shot is just decent, the underwater shot is a joke, her beauty shot is pretty bad, and then her last shot was the best... So she hasn't been very consistant in taking good pictures, but I do feel like she has grown more than anyone... so I'm still rooting for her to make it to the top three
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    My Favorites

    Eve Shoot: April Shandi Mercedes Yoanna
    Steve Madden: Yoanna April Mercedes Shandi
    Laundry (TIE
    Celebrity: Mercedes April Yoanna Shandi
    Underwater: April Yoanna Mercedes Shandi
    Beauty: Mercedes April Shandi Yoanna
    Solstice: Shandi Mercedes April Yoanna


    April: 3.16
    Mercedes: 2.6
    Shandi: 2
    Yoanna 2:

    Hehe yay for favorites.

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    April: Has the best portfolio.
    1) Eve photo was stunning. Gorgeous. If you polled the world, April's photo would more than likely come in first.
    2) Steve photo I absolutely love. It has flair and an air of mystery. Also, the shoe is out there and it's really eyecatching which is what the purpose of the photo was to do.
    3) Really warrior-like and kind of punkish. Shows a different style to her.
    4) Celebrity doesn't look like Catherine but so what? None of them really looked like their celebrity except maybe Yoanna and Catie facewise. If you look at it just as a photo, it's good. Besides, she should have been Xtina ANYWAY!
    5) Again, warrior-like and obviously the best photo out of the bunch. All the photographers said so and praised her highly during the shoot.
    6) Beauty shot looks really tender and good pose. Instead of just staring at the camera, she is to the side with her head slightly tilted giving an innocent look.
    7) Solstice was ok. She looks great in the dress and shoes and her face is still beautiful. If the pose was different I would like it better, but that's the only thing wrong with it.

    1) Eve photo was very strong and her body was extremely poised. She looked like someone we should all be bowing too, my Queen!
    2) Steve ad is something I can see in a magazine. I see pictures like that ALL THE TIME in magazines like CosmoGirl! and Teen People.
    3) Laundry really unique pose but probably not one of the best.
    4) Celebrity is a really good photo. She looks like a timeless beauty, definately something out of the 40's 50's. Again, you can see sadness in her which is definately an element of jazz & blues.
    5) Queench I don't really care for. The pose looks careless and all over the place. Mouth open doensn't help either, appears like she might choke on the salt water.
    6) Beauty shot does appear as if she is looking at you. It's like you are the only person in the world. I again like this pose because it's from the side and not a boring/uncreative pose.
    7) Sostice she appears kind of hunched shoulders and from far away looks like she might be squinting from the sun.

    1) Eve photo was pretty. Her face looked really pretty especially with the green eyes. Her butt also looked attractive in the photo but not her breasts. They look really flat and saggy.
    2) Steve photo is just horrid. I will never understand how anyone could like it compared to the others. It makes her return back to her "geek" self. Her body has really sloppy body language and the boots look wrinkled, as if they were too long for her and had to be pushed back down. It's also a bad color contrast against her pale skin.
    3) Laundry photo is definately the best. It has tons of intensity and determination in it. I love how she looks in the hat and light colors are definately the best for her because of her skin.
    4) Celebrity wasn't good at all. I didn't think she resembled ANY type of celebrity. She actually kind of scares me and think she would be ideal in a ghost horror flick. She is in a really extreme stilted position which is creepy and unnerving. And then her looking down and looking up at you is another thing that is a slightly creepy murderous look. NONE of Nicole Kidman's softness, gentleness, and shyness.
    5) Queench appears as though she is drowning. Her limbs are just flaring all around her and it looks as if she has no control of them. Her facial expression isn't exactly up to par either.
    6) Beauty shot was not really creative. It is just a simple face on pose that shows no creativity at all. Her face is completely blank and you can't really tell what she is feeling. BUT, I think this might have been the best way to pose because sideways would have probably accenuated her nose and ears.
    7) Solstice definately made Shandi look excellent. This photograph should go on the very top of her portfolio. This shoot's sole purpose was to make Shandi look like a disco goddess.

    1) Eve Her face is very classic and gorgeous especially with the flowers, but the body obviously needs work. You can see some folds in her skin and compared to the other girls, you can tell her body isn't exactly appealing. I also don't like that drape thing she is wearing.
    2) Steve photo is very beautiful. It's calm and serene and shows a true innocence. Her outfit is very old hollywood and goes perfect with her face. I also love the lime of her shoes.
    3) Laundry's picture was pretty unique. In it, she looks extremely curious as if she has this whole fascination with life and everything in it.
    4) Celebrity photo resembled Audrey Hepburn very much. Only problem I see is Yoanna's eyes might be a little too wide. Otherwise, when compared to the actual photo, Yoanna looks remarkably like her.
    5) Queench Yoanna looks extremely young and innocent. Her pose draws various opinions and I for one am not feeling the fetus position. Her hand does appear to have an extra finger at first glance (which is something she was critisized for in this week's episode, for not being aware of her hands) and that red line looks like blood in the water to a T.
    6) Beauty since Yoanna's face is definately her best feature, this photo is perfection. I love how she appears micheivious as though she's up to something.
    7) Solstice photo was also very well. Her body looked well in the photo and so did her face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by withoutasol
    hehe salome- from what i figure out, the one with the lowest score in your average has the best photos- and from deluxay's calculations the one with the highest score has the best photos
    I canít believe I did that. I was in Economics and bored as hell. Thatís my excuse. I really donít think you can assign numbers to a portfolio. Actually, I donít even agree with some of my rankings anymore. :rolleyes

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    Thanks starrylea- it is great to have the opportunity to look at the pictures together like this!

    I'm not going to rank but I will say that these top four certainly deserve to be there judging from these pics. Lots of beauty, intensity, and grace.

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    I'm confused how you guys have whole numbers and end up with decimals

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    i'm always bored at school salome- you can only imagine what happens to my train of thought when i'm in biology....

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    When I'm bored my train of thought is nothing -- I'm asleep!

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