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Thread: Final Four Portfolios

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    Personally I like all the Eve shots about the same...they're all gorgeous.

    I like April's Steve Madden shot the best

    I like Shandi's Laundry shot the best

    I like Mercedes Celebrity shot the best

    I like April and Shandi's Underwater shots the best

    I like Yoanna's Beauty shot the best

    And Shandi's Solstice shot is my overall favorite out of every shoot.
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    Best (imho):

    Eve: April
    Shoes: Yoanna
    Laundry: Shandi (mainly bec. of fabulous outfit, eye makeup)
    Celeb: Mercedes
    Water: April
    Beauty: April
    Verona: Shandi


    Worst (imho):

    Eve: Shandi
    Shoes: Shandi
    Laundry: April (screams "mallternative" teeny bop)
    Celeb: April
    Water: Mercedes
    Beauty: Yoanna
    Verona: Mercedes

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    Eve: 1 April, 2 Mercedes, 3 Yoanna, 4 Shandi
    Shoes: 1 Yoanna, 2 April, 3 Shandi, 4 Mercedes
    Laundry: 1 Shandi, 2 Yoanna, 3 April, 4 Mercedes
    Celeb: 1 Mercedes, 2/3 Shandi/Yoanna, 4 April
    Water: 1 April, 2 Yoanna, 3 Mercedes, 4 Shandi
    Beauty: 1/2/3 Yoanna/Mercedes/April, 4 Shandi
    Verona: 1 Shandi, 2 Yoanna, 3 April, 4 Mercedes

    I just averaged all the scores I gave them together (isn't that lame... I am way too obsessed with this show :rolleyes ), and this is the result:

    April: 2.29
    Yoanna: 2.07
    Mercedes: 2.86
    Shandi: 2.76

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    Haha i am OBSESSED with this show too.
    hm.. I will rank in order of place( 4=1st place, 3=2nd place, 3rd= 3rd place 1=4th place)
    EVe: April=4, Shandi=3, Yoanna=2, Mercedes=1.
    Shoes: April=4, Yoanna=3, Shandi=2, Mercedes=1
    Laundry: April=4 Shandi=3, Mercedes=2, Yoanna=1
    Celeb: Mercedes=4, April=3,Shandi=2, Yoanna=1
    Under Water: April=4, Mercedes=3, Yoanna=2, Shandi=1
    Beauty: Yoanna=4, April=3, Mercedes=2, Shandi=1
    Verona: Yoanna+Shandi=4, April=3, Mercedes=1

    Average them out:

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    They are all beautiful but we are talking about ANTM. I think that Yoanna has the face. I also like Shandi.

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    yeah, but we are like the panel of judges. Judging the photo graphs. I wonder when they are really oing to be putting the runway to the test. I think they will have like they did last year, be in a "real" fashion show. But, this season we were introduced to more than one designer. Unlike last year's only having Kimora Lee Simmons. I am not saying she was bad, she is great. They just really never showed many designers.

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    hehe salome- from what i figure out, the one with the lowest score in your average has the best photos- and from deluxay's calculations the one with the highest score has the best photos

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    In order

    Eve Shoot - April, Yoanna, Mercedes, Shandi
    Boot Shoot - Mercedes, Shandi, Yoanna, April
    Suspension Shoot - Shandi, Mercedes, April, Yoanna
    Underwater - April, Yoanna, Shandi, Mercedes
    Beauty Shots - Too tough to call
    The Italian Job - Shandi, Mercedes, Yoanna, April

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    Eve -- April
    Steve Madden -- Yoanna
    Laundry -- April
    Celebrity Magazine -- Mercedes
    Queench -- April
    Beauty -- Mercedes
    Solstice -- Shandi

    Eve -- Yoanna
    Steve Madden -- Shandi
    Laundry -- Yoanna
    Celebrity Magazine -- April
    Queench -- Shandi
    Beauty -- Shandi
    Solstice -- April

    As a whole, I think April has the most solid portfolio. I think Shandi is amazing but she had so many photos that just didn't really cut it. Yoanna is undeniably beautiful, but a lot of her shots looked awkward. As for Mercedes, she's most likely the one I would cut, because while she's beautiful, her photos are usually "safe" to me. She's always in the middle, but not really at the top of the rankings.

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    My choices:

    EVE: 1. April, 2. Mercedes and Yoanna (Tie), 3. Shandi.
    STEVE MADDEN: 1. Mercedes, 2. April, 3. Yoanna, 4. Shandi.
    LAUNDRY: 1. Shandi, 2. April, 3. Yoanna, 4. Mercedes.
    CELEBRITY: 1. Mercedes, 2. Yoanna, 3. Shandi, 4. April.
    QUEENCH: 1. April, 2. Mercedes, 3. Yoanna, 4. Shandi.
    BEAUTY SHOTS: 1. Yoanna, 2. Mercedes, 3. April, 4. Shandi.
    SOLSTICE: 1. Shandi, 2. Yoanna, 3. Mercedes, 4. April.

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