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Thread: Photos from 3/2 Episode (Solstice)

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    I admitted it 2 whole pages ago!!! I said that that was the reason for her umm "uncomfortable" face.

    Mu-wha-ha ha !! I freely admit to a dirty mind!
    "The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N." Wooderson, "Dazed & Confused"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickngirl
    I admitted it 2 whole pages ago!!! I said that that was the reason for her umm "uncomfortable" face.

    Mu-wha-ha ha !! I freely admit to a dirty mind!
    I guess I missed it! Well, that explains the reason for her face, doesn't it?
    Shaken, not stirred.

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    What's the big deal with April

    I don't know why so many people like April. I think its cool she's a halfy, but she doesn't even seem to want to acknowlege it; on the ealier episodes she mentioned she doesn't indentify as being asian. That's kind of weird; she seemed really confused. The asian girls who have been huge such as the Kimora Lee Simmons, Devo Aioki all had distinct asian looks and embraced it, but April doesn't really- it's kind of a blur. Embrace your ethnicity.

    Furthermore, In the picture posted she looks like Christina Aguilara and the other photo where she was supposed to look like Catherine Zeta Jones she looked like Christina. To be a model you have to look unique!! and have a defining characteristic. No offense I think she is pretty, but would be better for acting.

    Also, she's kind of a robot; all of her pictures look so thought out and not natural. The only photo I like is one of the backstage photos where she didn't know she was being photographed.

    I could go on more, but I won't.

    As for a winner, I think Shandi has it in the bag. The show has been edited in a way that I think she should win. Furthermore, if you go to models.cum to see the up an coming models in the modelling world, she is the only one I could see being in that group. She has the body everyone want all the designers want and a distinct look that could work to her advantage.

    I'm done

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    Quote Originally Posted by christosterone
    if you go to models.cum to see the up an coming models in the modelling world, she is the only one I could see being in that group.
    nothing poped up when i went there...

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    She's a halfy? *raises eyebrow* Do you refer to all biracial people like that?

    She does embrace her ethnicity. It's not her fault if her parents never really indulged Japanese culture to her.

    April is unique, I don't understand how you would get she isn't unique when she is assigned to look like a certain celebrity but turned out to look like another?

    Well if everyone has Shandi's body type, then why in the world would anyone want another one? All they have to do is go get another model already established in the modeling world. They don't need Shandi.

    Also, talking about photographers, everyone who has worked with April claim how much they ADORE her. The actress, the actor, Nole, Jay, the boxing coach, the choreographer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepperlola
    nothing poped up when i went there...
    Sorry, the forum wouldn't let me post a website. Just replace the u in .cum with an "O".


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    April = Christina Aguilera

    To frostelized. I meant that she often looks like Christina Aguilera, not just in one photo. In the photo from Italy, she also looks like Christina.

    And sorry to break it to you she is not edited to win. I'll explain later

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    Why April will probably not win and Shandi will.

    April can not win after last last week's episode. They are editing April as a villain like Camille. She is hard. She is driven. She tries to knock people off the runway. She is being edited in a fairly negative light when she might just as easily have been edited positively.
    Yoanna's physical imperfections are mentioned too much for her to be the winner.
    (You don't hear the judges discussing SHandi's ears although you know they must have).
    There are only two people who could win after looking at the editing.
    Mercedes and Shandi.
    If Mercedes wins, people will say that she won just because she has lupus. While that would be a good story line, I think there's a better one.
    Shandi, abused ex-con who always thought she was ugly, turned super-high fashion runway model.
    I would sell my soul to see Shandi win.
    Because she's the prettiest? No, definitely not. Sara was the prettiet and in fact, most of them are prettier than Shandi in the conventional sense.
    Because she is the nicest? Nah, Mercedes and Yoanna have her beat there?
    Because she has the best body for modeling and takes the best pictures? Well, that's what the judges want us to think and it might even be true but the REAL reason I want Shandi to win is because the editing of the show encourages me to root for Shandi.
    Last year, I wanted Adrian to win. I was dying for Adrian to win.
    I was elated when Adrian DID win.
    When I watched Paradise Hotel, I wanted Charla to win. I was dying for Charla to win. I was elated when Charla DID win.
    Therefore, I'm pretty sure Shandi wins. The editing tells the story. We sometimes forget that when the editors sit down to "make" the show, the winner in chosen. Therefore, they make the show so that we root for the winner.
    Shandi's story is too good for them not to have her win. We've seen the archetype 1000 times in everything from fairy tales to Fantasy Island but we can't get enough of it. Shandi is Cinderella. The editing tells us she will win. To a great extent, Adrian was Cinderella too but Shandi is Cinderella to the nth degree. They want the winner to be a Cinderella and that's why April can not win, and why they are editing her being driven as a negative monomania instead of a positive ambition like Adrian.
    I'll be shocked if Shandi doesn't win at this point.
    Remember the ending came first. They are making the show to fit the model. Because we're seeing it reversed, it's easy for us to say that April will win because they did this, this and that or they will be eliminated because they said this this or that, but in "reality" the opposite is true - we are shown this, this and that because they are eliminated or because they win. At this point, we've been shown the endgame and I would not be entirely shocked if Tyra wore her ballgown from the Oscars and put a glass slipper on Shandi's foot.

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    Wow, 2 photos

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    How are they making April the villian? They haven't made her look mean, spiteful, they haven't even shown her making fun of any of the other girls. And that runway thing was an accident. The only people who are making it into a big deal are not those involved, but the viewers.

    Ha, but remember, editing is their best tool. They can edit Shandi up so high on your list that when she loses, it will all come crashing down which is what they want to do EXACTLY. Also remember they have shown Shandi negatively quite a few times. And, they will show the person who they think is most interesting. In this case, Shandi.

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