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Thread: Who would you want to look like?

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    Who would you want to look like?

    This is kind of a silly question, but just for fun.....
    If you could choose to look like any of the contestants, who would you want to look like?

    I'm partial to Sara because she was the complete package. I also think Heather was cute. Of the girls left, I would probably pick April -she has an amazing athletic body and an interesting face.

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    haha, i am a guy. But hm... if i was a girl, i would want to be....April.

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    Hehe...that's all cool!

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    I would also like to look like April...

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    Now don't gang up and call anorexics anon. or anything, but I'm just *curious* as to how it would feel to walk around in Shandi's skin. Would it feel different navigating the world on those long spindly limbs? Would your butt hurt sooner when you sat on hard surfaces like bleachers or steps? I have also wondered how different it would feel to be very overweight--you never think about it much, but your general experience would be different. I do like Shandi's look *on her* though, and I like how her face has a strange beauty to it, rather than an obvious kind. I'm drawn to offbeat looks, I guess.

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    That's a cool thought....I'm not that tall (5'3) so I would have no idea who it would feel to be that tall and gangly. I think Shandi is pretty and would make a great model, but when it comes down to it, I would not want to look like her. I just don't think I would want to be that skinny and tall.

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    Hmm, actually I think it would be interesting to be shorter too. I'm 5'9 1/2'', so pretty tall for a girl, and back in high school always wanted to be shorter, like the cute cheerleader types. I've never felt quite gangly, despite the fact that I run into things and trip over my feet all the time, but then I outweigh Shandi by about 25 pounds and think it would be so weird to look down your long arms and see your hand attached to such a very fragile looking wrist. I think I'd feel sort of wispy and airy, like an elf or something. I do understand the tendency to slouch or look down though--you subconsciously try to make yourself fit more with the people around you. That is until you come into your own a bit more and decide it rocks to flaunt what you're given (tastefully of course!), be it height or curves or skinniness or curly hair or whatever.

    Now I think I'm getting off topic, rambling about moi, so sorry FORTers!

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    ooh good question- i have no idea- probably april- cause then i could look beautiful and have enough oomph to kick some major behind if i needed to.

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    I'd pick April. She's a gorgeous mix, beautiful face, and gorgeous body.

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    I would like to look like Mercedes.

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