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Thread: Which Photo From Which Photo Shoot Do You Think Was The Most Beautiful?

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    Xiomara legs looks absolutely delicious(?)....LOL!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    There's actually two Asian contestants in ANTM 2
    Jenascia and April

    I like... ALL of April's photos
    Interesting, I wonder what Jenascia's beackground is.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    half Filipino; and mixture of Greek, English, Indian, Irish and German.

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    Eve: April or Mercedes
    Steve Madden: April or Yoanna
    Laundry: *Shandi
    Look Alike: Mercedes or Shandi
    Queench: Yoanna
    Beauty: *Yoanna
    Solstice: Shandi
    (Newest shot- forgot the name): Yoanna/Shandi

    I'm a joint Shandi/Yoanna fan, what can I say?

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    My favorite are Sara's Steve madden shot, she looks beautiful and I gotta say Mercedes' beauty shot is gorgeous. Look at those lips!

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    Those are my favorites.. yes i know i like a lot..

    Here's my favorite by photoshoot.. i also put my favorite in each out of our 3 remaining contestants in ()'s

    eve: april (yoanna)
    steve madden: yoanna (yoanna)
    laundry: shandi (shandi)
    celebrity: camille (mercedes)
    queench: april (mercedes)
    beauty: yoanna (yoanna)
    solstice: shandi (shandi)
    naked pairs lol: yoanna/shandi (yoanna/shandi)

    judging by photos yoanna should win but by body shandi should win and by personality mercedes should win..

    they all have survivor stories here.. they've chosen the final three w/ the most drama it seems like.. wow sounds like reality tv doesn't it?

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    I like ALL April's photos in order,
    1. Queench (underwater)
    2. Body paint (Eve)
    3. Beauty shots (portrait)
    4. Steve Madden Shoes
    5. Laundry by Shelli Segal
    6. Solstice ( in Milan)
    7. As Catherine Zeta Jones

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    Eve shot: Shandi/Catie
    Steve Madden shot: Mercedes
    Laundry shot: Mercedes
    Celebrity shot: Shandi
    Underwater shot: Shandi/Catie
    Beauty shot: Sara
    Solstice shot: April(that pic. kinda remembers how I sometimes feel)
    Baked Lesbian shot: Shandi and Yoanna's

    I judge the pics 50% on how they look and 50% how I could relate to the pics

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    Eve: Shandi
    Steve Madden: Sara
    Laundry: Shandi
    Celebrity: Mercedes/Shandi
    Underwater: April
    Beauty: Mercedes
    Solstice: Shandi
    Naked Pair: Mercedes/April

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