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Thread: Interview with Camille -- She's Not As Crazy As You May Think

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    Hmmmm, me arrogant. Who'da thunk it?
    When I respond please take it in jest (until ya'll get to know my personale. don't know how to do the smileys) FTR: Camille irritated the heck outta me! (ooo I'm so perfect. Everything is positive. Who me? No, no one has a negative opinion me, it's a positive one really. Everyone loves me, they just don't know it.) I'm saying dern girl give it a break. And her acting, OMGoodness, the only one's she's convinced is herself and I think she's half failed at that.

    My point was that arrogance is never deserved 'cause no matter how good you think you are at something, there's always someone who can blow you out the water (vogueing or not) Both chicks we are talking about got eliminated, so they must not have been too good. And if Elyse was so uhmm bent on banking on her intelligence then she'd be in school or working doing whatever she was studying.

    To answer the topic: She's Not As Crazy As You May Think
    Naw, turns out she's crazier

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    Chances are, they'll all have their 15 minutes of fame and then fade into pop-culture obscurity. The odds of anyone becoming a " supermodel' are so slim. I had Elyse's number right from the beginning, she wanted to win that competition bad, but played, the " I'll reject it now, so that way if I do get eliminated, I can play, I couldn't care a less.". Like, I'll laugh at me before you can, therefore, no matter what I'm the winner. Elyse has regretted many of the things she said early in the show, I liked her personality more and more as the show progressed, especially the uptown/downtown friendship between Adrienne and herself.

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