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Thread: Shandi, Italian Men and Open Mouthed Kissing <speculations and minor spoilage>

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    Eric's been viewing these threads, he was on here last night, and I saw him on here again today. Last night he was on for a couple of hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueworld
    It does seem like all of a sudden Shandi realizes that "oh, I'm sexy", and that she can be loved by someone other than her boyfriend. I don't want to judge her boyfriend, but he could be not that great, just better than what she's used to. So I'm glad Shandi's starting to feel better about herself. She's an awesome girl.

    Also, I think that it is on purpose that Tyra "sent" those guys over to the hotel/apartment, and I hope Shandi doesn't make a really bad choice...
    I truly truly truy think that Shandi getting on with a random guy and (possibly) having sex as one night stand does Not indicate her, starting to feel better about herself.. If she was to regret that much as we have seen, she is/was still not acquiring much self-control and possibly not "real" self-confidence/respect either..

    I am a psychiatrist, so maybe I think too deep about these things,, but just my 2 cents.

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    teal razz
    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    Eric's been viewing these threads, he was on here last night, and I saw him on here again today. Last night he was on for a couple of hours.
    naughty Eric! He told me Monday he doesn't!(He's my brother) I dont want him to read this stuff bc even though all this happened 6 months ago, it still hurts for him ...put yourself in his shoes, its a tough situation for anyone to be in. :-(

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    Heck yeah it hurts. If I were him, I would stay away from this paticular thread. He's a good man to forgive her too. Whatever way it went down, it was brave of her to tell him about it right away rather than just have him find out on TV.

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    Actually, Eric might not want to view any thread that might hint to having Shandi-related material. Honestly.

    We speak our minds very openly about the contestants and I doubt he'll like a lot of things he sees written about Shandi.

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    Wanna know what I think? I think Shandi got mugged - and lost her wallet, her keys, and her mind.

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    *cracks up*

    Hello, good sir... have you seen... *dum dum dum* MY MIND??

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    I think is wrong for Shandi to cheat on her boyfriend, especially when she said he's the only one who underestand her and been there for her, I will never do that to my bf and also who care about hunky Italien men that you don't even know, sorry but one night stand with a hot guy I don't see the used of it. I just don't understand people who cheat on their bf or gf when they love each other so much even if they got temptations around. I still like Shandi, I think it's great that she saw she can be beautiful and interesting and I hope things are fine with her bf.

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    IMO, when people cheat it might not always be due to the surrounding circumstances but to the opportunity.

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    teal razz, you know shandi??? (joined this thread late, sorry)

    I like your cat avatar by the way
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