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Thread: 3/9 UPN airs the scene behind the show!!

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    3/9 UPN airs the scene behind the show!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc_star
    Thanks for the link!

    From the link: "and a scene where house diva Camille and an emotional Catie get into a fight over cleaning duties."

    Oh, joy.
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    Hmm.. April had an emotional breakdown over snakes?

    When were snakes involved?

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    During the second photo shoot, I believe Tyra mail said something about agoraphobia, the fear of snakes, then something like, confront your fears. It was done kinda in a riddle format, so it was really vague. April probably assumed it was the same fear shoot from last year.

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    the snakes were involved in episode 3. rememeber how there was the fears mentioned?? suspending from the air?? well, aprils fear was snakes. there is actually a footage of it on the site from UPN>EPISODE 3>PAGE 3. its quite ironic because Jenasica said, "ITS SO ON, NO MORE BEING NICE TO ANYONE, ITS ALL ABOUT ME," she was actually comforting April through it, as well did Sara. Until they found out that they were being suspended from the air, April said anything that made her feel like flying was GREAT.

    I remember someone mentioned that April will get the boot, because she was blocking herself from the rest and not making friends. after seeing that footage, what more can we say? they bonded, and seemed quite genuine. not to add, remember when sara got eliminated, april balled her eyes out and went to hug her.

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    And not to mention that Sara listed April and Mercedes as her two bestest buds in the house.

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    hm.. i wonder if that will be an bonus episode aside fromt he 10 episodes. Maybe i am right there will be 13 episodes

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    Does this mean that we won't have a normal episode next week and no one will be eliminated?

    I hope we don't have to wait two more weeks to continue with the competition!

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    On the preview....ah I was about to review something I'm not supposed to until 1 lol

    Anyway hmm... no you don't have to wait two more weeks, on the show it said "Next week" and it showed the regular show.

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    I bet they're going to make us wait an extra week

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