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Thread: Adrian is a Top Model?

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    yikes...i'll say the site. if i get in trouble - i am new here and didn't know i couldn't say this site! please just delete it if there is a problem.

    the site is televisionwithoutpity

    adrianne posts under adriannereznor

    the post they are talking about is under the america's next top model forum under the category general gabbery

    the topic is ep. 2-4 "the girl who needs six months.." an(i think this topic is on page 2 in the general gabbery). go to page five of this topic, and at the bottom is our adrianne. she has another post at the top of page 5.

    Here is what she said, with the "bad" words edited out, if you don't want to go there yourself:

    "This episode....blah! How they edited out how drunk I was truly was amazing! I drank about 2 bottles of wine to myself, thankyou! I like Xiomora and chicks...could see myself chilling with them anytime. Yoanna was just a b**** to me. She commented on my foul mouth and had the nerve to tell me to watch it. That b**** is older then me so...GROW THE F*** UP YOANNA! Cant wait to see her again when UPN releases them. I truly disliked her personality in every way. The minute I saw her she came across as a c*** rag. Shandi looked model'y to me...xiomora is just plain cool. I feel for Mercedes...but of coarse they wont let her win...just milk the rating and sympathy and give her the boot...I may be wrong. Yoanna, if your reading this...I think you suck! You look very Laura Flyn Boyle meets Mr. Child molester Jackson in real life..(bad skin too).your pics are good though...Vote for her for another Naomi Campell(pretty but a b**** rag from hell) I'm praying you get eliminated..and if you win...then good luck..your far too OLD.hehehe Uh, I'm sorry guys....sher just came across as another b**** a** Robin Manning to me. GOOD LUCK TO MERCEDES, SHANDI, and XIOMORA! This show is a sham if c*** rag wins "

    then in another post:

    "PS~ Xiomora is a REALLY big girl...kinda made me feel small in my butchy for Yoanna's skin, it's REALLY loose...not only on her face...but her whole body. I just thought she was weird till I found out she lost a ton of really took a toll. I will give her props again on her pics though..they look good....I'm sure photoshop helps(hahaha) "

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    i will add this...

    it is confirmed that adriannereznor IS adrianne. she gave interviews to that site under that name and the site admin. confirm that it is her. she posts over there in many other areas, but this was the specific post people were talking about when they were asking about how she felt about yoanna.

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    Wow Adrieanne seems extremely bitchy :rolleyes
    Don't think I like her much now.

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    yeah...she certainly is an individual who doesn't back down when she has a feeling about something huh?

    it's kinda funny, because that post is so genuinely adrianne. i think if you watched the first season you find her and her rants to be a bit endearing. at least that is how i feel .

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    it's kinda funny, because that post is so genuinely adrianne. i think if you watched the first season you find her and her rants to be a bit endearing. at least that is how i feel .
    It's true Adrianne form!!

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    awww, i miss adrianne. i wish we had a personality like her on s2.

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    You all are missing some key things...

    Quote Originally Posted by Laballatician
    I think this show lies to its stars. start it IS very similar to American Idol. A.I offers the winner a contract. At the same time this contract DOES NOT guarantee that they will be famous. Take Rubin for example. I can't remember if his record came out yet...but if it did it is not on the top of the charts. Does that mean that A.I lied?? No, they hope that the best person was picked & will go on to make it in the industry. However life is not that easy. There are no guarantees.

    The same situation lies with Am. Next Top Model. The winner is given a contract & a spread in M.C. What happens at that point really depends on what the girl does & if they did pick the right person. It really is just a dream come true that a top agency looked at them. People pay hundreds of dollars to get professional photos taken, only to be laughed at when they walk into a model agency. Model hopefuls deal with daily rejection, much like actors.

    SO yeah maybe "you want to be a model" would make a little bit more sense & would be more "truthful." In a marketing standpoint, that name sounds like a game show or one of the really cheesy reality shows (ie: want to marry a millionaire?)

    We would like to think that these people become instant stars, but that is just not the case. OK, so Kelly Clarkson became a star within months...she also had a movie that bombed. She became a star because she was given the opportunity. Look at all of the other great talents, they are still trying to slowly crack into the industry. Adrian had a great spread in M.C., she became the face of a top diamond/jeweler, and she got a contract from one of the best in the business. I think most model hopefuls would try their best to beat the odds & end up in her Manolo blanick shoes.

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    I dunno... I think that adrienne is coming across as a bit of a c*** rag herself... I liked her the first season, and I thought she made good television, but didn't feel that she should have won (I think her personality was the only reason... elyse was better, then after elyse was eliminated, shannon wiped the floor with adrienne the last episode) But I think the thing that was endearing about Adrienne was the fact that she was from Joliet (ugh.. a chicago suburb... I feel for her, the burbs suck!) Anyway, she was from joliet, and had nothing, and people wanted to see her make it... but when she won and came back on season two, something about the old adrienne was missing, she didn't seem quite so charming anymore, just kind of a bitch. A loud, annoying, *blah blah.. my DIOR sunglasses... blah blah... DRENCHED IN DIAMONDS.. blah blah** I dunno.. for some reason she just really annoyed me, it was one thing when she was just a nobody reality contestant from joliet that had no class and a loud mouth... I guess I just expected the experience, and her winning, to kind of turn her all cinderella or something... Actually I dont know what I expected... but she shouldn't have one, and I think the things she posted about Yoanna on a website are completely tacky... If a person has bad skin, or flaws, then it's one thing to not like them... but to go calling them names, and pointing out things, and sounding like a horrible jealous hag is just high-schoolish
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    hmm.. i really dont' see why her post is sucha problem- i mean, they asked her her opinion of the contestants- and she gave it. thats her personality, she tells it like it is and thats why i like her so much. yoanna could have possibly came off as a bitch- adrianne knows that adrianne is a bitch- she doesn't hide it. she doesn't make any excuses for who she is. as far as showing off her material items- this is a girl who started out with nothing- i dont' think she was showing off jsut to get oohs and ahhs- from what i saw on that episode, she wanted to make sure that the girls knew that this show was an oportunity of a lifetime and that they wouldn't screw it up

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