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  • April

    3 3.09%
  • Camille

    41 42.27%
  • Mercedes

    12 12.37%
  • Shandi

    5 5.15%
  • Yoanna

    36 37.11%
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Thread: Who be eliminated from Episode 8?

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    FORT Fan nyc_star's Avatar
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    Yeah, some people said before Shandi wiould be a great model for Haute Couture. I guess I agree, but I think many models for H.C just look like her, imo so why do they want another one?? That's just what I think.

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    A House of Cards
    Can you picture having the bottom 2 as Yoanna and Camille? They always seem so incredibly catty with one another, having them be bottom 2 together would be something to watch.
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    FORT Newbie KHONNIE04's Avatar
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    please let it be yoanna, she has a bad attitude, she doesn't deserve to be the next top model! she showed her true colors on the last show!!! plus she has a horrible body!!

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    FORT Newbie KHONNIE04's Avatar
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    please let yoanna go home
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    Bloomin' FoRT Fanatic! ness's Avatar
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    I voted for Yoanna.

    I WANT Camille gone (Hell, I wanted her gone at least two shows ago!), but I just don't think that's gonna happen, unless she does or says something so incredibly hardheaded, stupid or outrageous that all the judges, en masse, say: "ENOUGH! This woman has got to go . . . Now!"

    Oh yeah, I want Yoanna gone, too . . . but between the two of them, Camille has been the longest-lasting b***h, thus far. I still think that they might be inclined to keep Camille around for no other reason than that (except for last week) she's always ticking everybody off with her attitude, mouth, etc., thus keeping things emotionally stirred up in the house. And it's kind of obvious that even though she may have some redeeming modeling qualities about her, the judges have seen fit to make their own catty comments outside of the house about her at Eliminations, because she's angered some of them with her mouth and attitude.

    But there are ratings numbers, to consider, after all, so . . .

    Unless Camille completely blows herself out of the water, I think they'll set their sights on booting Yoanna out in Ep 8 this week.
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    i think camille-lion's train finallly runs out of fuel this week.
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    What did you say, Simon? krstlfethr's Avatar
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    I have a terrible feeling it will be Shandi...I don't know why...but the feeling is there.
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    FORT Fogey Frostelized's Avatar
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    Are your feelings usually correct Krstl?

    I dunno, I think the judges will love Shandi's photo this week.

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    What Would Janice Do? littlecat's Avatar
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    didn't upn or tyra banks mention an "ORGY" episode with 4 women? it hasn't happened thus far, so of the 5 who most likely seem to be involved with that? or another way assuming april, shandi and mercedes make it another week (the general consensus) is camille or yoanna more likely to be involved in said orgy? although yoanna is less "sexy" than camille, yoanna was up for the kissing/acting challenge, whereas camille just hugged the guy.

    using that crazy logic, it could be camille to go

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    FORT Regular PJinNH's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlecat
    ...although yoanna is less "sexy" than camille, yoanna was up for the kissing/acting challenge, whereas camille just hugged the guy.
    I like the way you think.

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