View Poll Results: Who do you think will be eliminated from episode 8:

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  • April

    3 3.09%
  • Camille

    41 42.27%
  • Mercedes

    12 12.37%
  • Shandi

    5 5.15%
  • Yoanna

    36 37.11%
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Thread: Who be eliminated from Episode 8?

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    Oh it snowed for one day on Thursday! It was great. LOL

    I woke up all early thinking I was going to school then opened the door and it was like a Winter Wonderland. Really pretty because it looked so deserted and no footprints or anything in the snow.

    Really nice

    But it doesn't snow often :\ Like I said, we only had snow for one puny day. >: (

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    What Would Janice Do? littlecat's Avatar
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    I think Yoanna might have a little bit of an edge over Camille with haute couture; she's such a fashionista that it might have a bearing on the strength of her picture.

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    Shandi I think will probably have a great photo for that shoot.

    Because of her lanky figure, she would only look good in Haute Couture so I think this photoshoot will definately make her SHINE.

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    Meow, lol, frosty.

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    What? XD

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    I think it's going to be Mercedes gone..sadly I love her though...but I just have a feeling that it's going to be her considering they're going to be in Haute Couture....I dunno it's just a feeling..and I think April might be down there with her I LOVE APRIL though.....the bottom two will be filled up by Mercedes, Camille, or April I think...I think..hahah I have no idea.. I CAN'T WAIT THOUGH!!!

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    I think Shandi will be eliminated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisNerdyGuy
    All I know is that, that photoshoot next week looks freeeaaakyyy.

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    Either Yoanna or Camille.

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    no clue

    I am completely unable to comment at this point. All of the ones I thought were obvious to be eliminated are gone. As for the ones who are left, it really seems like it could be anyone's game. Seems to me like the producers lead us in a different direction almost every week. I would say out of all of them, Camille is the only one who hasn't given the judges a WOW WOW WOW moment. The judges loooooved Mercedes' and Yoanna's Eve and beauty photos, Shandi's mid-air photo, Mercedes' Billie Holiday photo, and April's ... well, ALL of April's photos, LOL. But they haven't been over the moon over any of Camille's photos. Camille did stand out a bit as having one of the better walks in the very beginning, but the others have caught up with her.

    So I guess I'd vote for Camille. Except she seems to be keeping her attitude in check lately, and that's throwing me off. Oh hell. I have no idea who be voted off, and I have even less of an idea who will win this thing. (Although I'm still rooting for Yoanna.)

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