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Thread: Season 1 VS. Season 2

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    Season 1 VS. Season 2

    Which season do you like better.
    Season 1 had more interesting character's on the show, and I really liked the friendship that developed between Elyse and Adrienne - it was like the jazz singer, and the Chopin pianist.....I also liked the 'Christian vs. Pagan subplot on season 1. and yes, even Miss Pageantry, Robin. This season seems to be all about the Tyrant, and the only twist, is Shandi's transformation from geek girl to goddess.

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    Geez, I wish I could say, but I can't because I didn't see Season 1.


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    Of course I like them both....Season 1 was awesome but maybe it's just becaue I saw ALL the reruns twice over and now (getting choke in throut) I just feel like I know those girls so well.
    Do the girls in season 1 seem more mature to you than the girls in season 2? For some unknown reason to me they do. Man oh man was Robyn great....provided great entertainment. No one comes close to her.

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    Season 1 seemed to be about modeling by the rules.
    This season (season 2) seems to be more about uniqueness. And she seems to have special guests that are going down, and need to be exposed again. And seems to have more egdey to it.
    I love them both.
    Season 1 is original.
    Season 2 is edgey and funky.

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    For me, Season 1 ....they wanted it, but they weren't clawing from day one.

    Season 2 - all these gals have been clawing since Episode 1. There seemed to be more diversity of personalities from Season 1.

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    I think Season had some great contestants, ELYSE + Adrianne . The shoots and the objectives were all modelish and proper. I felt season 2 shoots were fear factor typish :/. Also in season there was only the commerical, season got a lot more activities like acting, dancing, etc. Hard to choose hehe
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    It's hard for me to say... because the first one was the original, and this is like the sequel.

    I loved the diversity of the first cast, even though I never really had a favorite. I like the photoshoots better in the second season, and I have a lot of favorites.

    I think once the third season has aired, I will probably be able to say better.

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    I think the cast from season 1 was more compelling, but the competition this season is off the chain!

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    I love this season but I think the first was better. There's no one really funny like Elyse and Adrienne this season.

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    at first I thought everybody in season 1 was gorgeous...but after a while I didn't think so as much. Now with season 2 I thought they were all kind of weird or plain....but after a while with them I saw they were really exceptional looking. It might be that this year they stepped it up with trying to do outlandish things with the models and instead of trying to make them look pretty...they tried to make everybody look like art. Not that last year wasn't artistic...but it didn't go as far as this season.

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