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Thread: Season 1 VS. Season 2

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    Liked season one more too... I liked Adrienne and Elyse, too. There were some good moments that had me rolling. J Alexandra to Ebony, "girl, you're fried!" (with the grease)... the ga donk ga donk booty shaking contest (again, J's face when he was confronted with being the judge)... and the Ebony and Gisele showdown. I think they have a bigger budget this year after last year's success and could do fancier shoots, but overall, I still like the first one more.

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    Yeah, no doubt. This season I feel like the Tyrant and Chez Manual set up a booth at the Mall and invited girls to be on the show! hahaha
    They all seem so whiny and very boring. Last season's girls had more flair and they seemed to have such unique personalities. This season they girls seem rather bland. Someone posted up above that the show feels like "Fear Factor" a way it does. First season was soooooooo interesting because they really focused on the modeling industry with excessive photo shoots and various makeups. They've done that a bit, but honestly, I feel like they're just teachin' these girls how to be ho's in a music video. HAHA
    Maybe Catie's "Hooker style" shouldn't have been such a liability!

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    LOL Janice

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I loved Elyse. Her personality was one-of-a-kind, and she did great as a model on the show. They're not going to find that combination again.

    On ANTM1, the personalities were more interesting (Ebony, Robyn, Elyse, Adrienne) compared to more whiny & catty stuff this time. Jenascia had promise but got cut too fast.
    Same here. I like season 1 better. It had more interesting people and more of cat fights (Elyse/Adrienne and Robin/Shannon plus Kesse).Especially Elyse, I LOVED that girl. She was so strong even all the girls were trying to bad mouth about her. "elyse might have an eating disorder problem blah blah blah" and when they jumped into the pool. They were all chicken out. She was the one one who was swimming and wasn't afraid that would mess up her makeup. Talking about a girl with "eating disorder" :phhht kiss my ass!
    This season I only like April and Sare, but they both got eliminated so what the point of liking it?

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    I only saw season 1, but based on the recaps on the upn site, recaps by snowflakegirl, and the models-to-be, I'd still say season 1. I dunno, it seemed that the girls had more depth, and it seemed that they showed more interaction between the girls. I feel that this season, people are stereotyping the girls (Shandi the stick-like Cinderella, April the overananlytical Asian, Camille the diva, Catie the crybaby, etc), whereas last season it didn't happen so much.

    I do agree w/ Frostelized about how the photos are MUCH better, the ideas for them were better...I guess they were more...innovative? But I still feel that the contestants for season 1 were better.

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    I watched tid bits of season 1. I liked Elyse and Shannon. But this season-whoa! I'm addicted to this show. I "watch it religiously", as my hubby says. The cat fights(Yoanna and Camille), the constant whining and crying (Catie), the funny things they say (" signature walk"). Haha. It's crazy!

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    I like both seasons eqaually.

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    i actually, really like season 2 much better in regards to being realistic when it comes to the winner and the modeling industry. last year's contestants were great entertainment personality-wise, but there really was no completely versatile contestant who could truly be a "top model". this season, however, the photoshoots were so much more intense and on par with real modelng situations, not to mention the final 4 girls this season all had a good chance at winning, and an actual chance at fame.

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    I like this season better, it's more my taste---> HIgh Fashion Haute Coutre(?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrocuting
    last season was black and white, literally.
    this year, the girls are so much more diverse.
    but last season was better because they showed a lot more of what the judges thought and adrianne and elyse were hilarous.

    I couldn't get into season one... IMPO it was boring to have so little physical diversity in the contestants. In terms of body type, there was no one for me to relate to, just a gaggle of stick thin girls who are stereotypically "modelly".

    On a racial note, the diversity and multi-ethnic nature of the second season drew me in as well. It's not that I am against having the show be "black" and "white", because I think there is tremendous diversity of look among those groups, but multi-ethnic looks are much less common and thus refreshing to me.

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