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Thread: Season 1 VS. Season 2

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    well i liked season 1 better for many reasons but most importatnly b/c of kesse wallace. i like mercedes too but kesse was...well she was hotter imho.

    plus there isn't anybody on season 2 who's really funny like elyse & adrienne who "kicks ass...a lot of ass"
    "i am myself, like you somehow"

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    Season 1 had more beautiful girls in it (shannon, Elyse, Kesse) In season 2 they picked average looking girls and made them look beuatiful (shandi, Yoanna, Catie) but the fashion shoots were mostly swimsuits and body image shoots, the shoots this season are all high fashion and beauty shoots. Season 1 had more likeable charachters too like ADRIANNE!!! season 2 only really has (oops had) Sara and Jenasica. Theirs way too much Tyra in this season too. And last year i liked the final 5 contestants in the compeptition, this yr all my favorites got kicked (Sara) so i would say they are about equal, they have their good parts and bad parts

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    I really like both seasons. Although I must say I am more addicted to the show this year more so that I was last year.

    I loved Adrianne/Elyse. Seems like they were everyone's favorites, lol.
    It seems as though Camille is this years Robin without the religion.

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    last season was black and white, literally.
    this year, the girls are so much more diverse.
    but last season was better because they showed a lot more of what the judges thought and adrianne and elyse were hilarous.

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    I guess what's lacking this year is humour, Adrienne & Elyse were funny, and beautiful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarKensoul7
    I think Season had some great contestants, ELYSE + Adrianne . The shoots and the objectives were all modelish and proper. I felt season 2 shoots were fear factor typish :/

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    Since I didn't watch Season 1, I'm judging this on the photos and I pick Season 2.

    The photos are just so much better and more creative. I mean in Season 1 the first two shoots were swimsuits. BORING.

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    I like this season's cast better. Of course I have my favorite, but any of the top 5 could win and I'd be okay with it. (Grudgingly, in Camille's case.)

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    Elyse was in Season 1 - my favorite.

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    I loved Elyse. Her personality was one-of-a-kind, and she did great as a model on the show. They're not going to find that combination again.

    On ANTM1, the personalities were more interesting (Ebony, Robyn, Elyse, Adrienne) compared to more whiny & catty stuff this time. Jenascia had promise but got cut too fast.
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