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Thread: Which Photo Shoot has been YOUR favorite?

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    Which Photo Shoot has been YOUR favorite?

    Well, everyone keeps asking the models that question so now it's our turn!

    Which photoshoot did you like the most, who's photo from that shoot did you like the most, and who's photo from that shoot did you dislike the most


    Which photoshoot did you dislike the most, who's photo from that shoot did you like the most, and who's photo from that shoot did you dislike the most?

    I'll go first! Me, me, me!! XD

    My favorite is definately the Garden of Eden shot. I have like, some weird fetish for it. LOL I think just because it was so creative and gorgeous and I love guessing the names of the Eves the girls were (I know all of them except Sara! Someone help me.) My favorite photo was April's. I just LOVE oriental/asian things so that was a definate plus, and she just looks so GREAT in it! Except her eyes are bugging me in that close up. Don't like the lashes. LOL I also like Heather's too for the fact it DOES look Californian and the flower look just really suited her. My least favorite was Bethany's, just because she looked so funky in it. I don't like the hair, but I love the orbs & makeup (but I didn't like when they did full body color, just a picture like they did on Xiomara, April, and Shandi etc)

    My least favorite was the beauty shots, just because they were so boring!! I really love color and creativity and the beauty shots lacked both but I know why they had to have them. Again, my favorite is April's because I love the pose of her head and her face is just so beautiful. Mercedes is also another favorite because it does look like she sees only you which is incredibly sexy and spooky at the same time! XD My least favorite was Camille's and Sara's. When I actually saw Camille's on the tv, I literally jumped because she just looked like she wanted to go, BOO!! Sara's I don't like because it's supposed to be a soft picture and she looks too tough in it. I also don't like her hands up against her face like that.

    Ok, your turn!!!
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    I like the beauty shots best, as you can really see what they look like, and I'm a minamalist. The Eve shots are fun, but overproduced!

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    my favorite shoot was the one in the abandoned building
    Fav. pic Shandi that picture is hot
    Least fav.-Xiomora
    My least fav shoot was the under water shoot
    Fav. Pic.- Catie (not the face but the postioning of her body is awesome)
    least fav- tie xiomora and shandi
    though i really don't care for any of them
    But that dog at the shoot was tooo cute

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    My favorite was the famous person shoot.

    Favorite pic was Yoanna as Hepburn; least favorite was Xiomara because I couldn't see her in such a dark background.

    Least favorite shoot was the underwater shoot.

    Favorite pic was April
    Least favorite was Shandi

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    My favorite photo shoot was the underwater one. My favorite of course was Aprils , just stunning. The worst one was Xiomora
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    I liked the Eve shoot and the celebrity shoot. I didn't like the water shoot. Enough said

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    i like the steve madden shoot-

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    I liked the beauty shots (the black and white simplicity) and the abandoned building shots (the crazy make-up and 80's outfits). Also, the Garden of Eden was really cool too.

    I didn't really care for the famous person shoot or the underwater one.

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    Garden of Eden
    Fav. April
    Least Fav. Jenascia

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    Favorite Photo Shoot:

    The abandoned building one for Laundry

    Favorites: 1). Shandi and 2). April
    Least Favorites: 1). Xiomara and 2). Heather

    Least Favorite Photo Shoot:

    The underwater one for the bottled water

    Favorites: 1). April 2). Catie (except crosseyed thing) [Everybody elses was average to below-average.]
    Least Favorites: 1). Xiomara 2). Yoanna (Not a really bad picture but every
    time I see it I see the six finger thing and that is not appealing, actually it is very freaky looking)

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