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Thread: Which Photo Shoot has been YOUR favorite?

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    Least favorite: Laundry shoot - not into mod clothing, just a bunch of girls in ropes with a dingy, dirty background.

    2nd least favorite: underwater shoot. I was expecting to be wowed, but the final photos didn't have a very watery feel to them. Why not bare feet and more trailing outfits to show they were in the water? (P.S. - I didn't know until reading an interview with Sara that it was salt water. Yuck.)

    Favorites: Eve photo shoot. So surreal. I loved the Tin Sara.

    2nd favorite: Celebrity look-alikes.
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    my favorite was the Steve Madden shoot just because this is before they all got ill suited makeovers and when they were less affraid of looking bad, and it shows in the creativity. I like Jenascia's, April's and then Camille's....all in that order. However I hated Catie's because it was really plain and boring and unflatering, I also hated Xiomara's and I din't understand why it was so praised in that episode.

    Withought counting the "photos" form the Dance episode....or the Tyra banks narcism hour as some like to call it, I hated the photo's form the celebrity episode, because instead of emphasizing the complimentery features of the models it tried too hard to emulate the star they were copying. And while I get why it's important to convey a particular look because that is their job, I thought it made some models appear awkward and Catie as Marilyn Monroe...she's not curvy or dripping with sex, if bethany was still there it would have been perfect for her. Or Jenascia as Salma Hayek, Jenascia is easily a beautiful girl, but trying to make her look like Salma Hayek seemed unnatural, and the way they were coaching the models to step outside of themselves and try to be that other person, like the way they told Sara to look more like Angelina Jolie by making her eyes more intense....They just don't have the same eyes. Angelina's are bright,wide and alert....Sara'a are smoldering and seductive. I'm not sure if anybody remembers Kevyn Aucoin(make-up artist), but he would have done this challenge perfectly...he's the only person I've ever seen really transform people...unfortunately he's dead...this show was made for him.

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    Favorite was the famous person shoot, but I agree that some of the girls got kinda crummy assignments. Catie, an 18 year old stick thin virgin, will NEVER look like she has Marilyn Monroe's body or posture, though the face was good. Same for Jenascia trying to look like Salma Hayek. Camille, Xiomara and Yoanna all got shots of people they strongly resembled...didn't seem fair.

    Least favoite was the laundry shoot. First, the clothes were hideous and so was the makeup. is a fear of heights a factor for modeling. Like, an agency just wouldn't SEND YOU if you were terrified...totally stupid. The whole concept was like ripped off from fear factor.

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    My favorite would be the underwater, although not too many of these girls managed to master it. But the pictures which were good were excellent.

    The least favorite would be the Laundry photoshoot. I don't know if I have anything positive to say about it. Bad clothes, bad poses, bad background, bad lighting. Well, I liked Shandi's picture, but mostly because of the Clockwork Orange athmosphere. Frisbeechick, I am so glad someone agrees with me that those clothes were simply hideous

    I have to say that I think the girls of season 2 are better in general than in season 1. I think several of these girls have enough personality and looks to become a recognized model, and they have unique looks that could take them outside US as well(I don't know yet about any of them being supermodel potential (maybe ), but a model who earns enough to make a good living is good too).
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Favorit Photo Shoot - Garden of Eden
    Favorit Photo From that Shoot - Shandi
    Badest Photo from That Shoot - Bethany

    Least Favorit Photo Shoot - UnderWater World
    Favorit Photo From That SHoot - Sara
    Least Favorit From That Shoot - Xiomara

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    Favorite- Underwater, Best- April's pic. Hard to pick a worst because I am so influenced by watching the certain women struggle with it on the show, but probably Xiomarra.

    That shot really challenged the women and aside from the Eve really gave them a chance to highlight their bodies. (I'd like to see a body baring shot soon, swim wear or lingerie (like last year).

    Least Fav.- Eve, Best- Sara or Camille, Worst- Bethany or Yoanna.

    The Eve shots were super high concept with too many elements, body-paint, themes, backgrounds, male models, props, all about contact lenses? The contestants weren't ready for it- all the stuff overwhelmed them in the poses, and several of them just look awkward.

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    Fav. shoot: Steve Maden Shoe Shoot
    Least fav. Eve Shoot

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    my fav shoot is the Garden of Eden.
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    My favs were Eve and Underwater photo shoots.
    Lease favourite is Steve Madden shoes. They didn't really seem to try hard in it to at least make it look more of an ad then just a photo

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    I have 2 Favorites:
    The Garden of Eden because it was so high fashion, and the final pictures almost looked like drawings. My favorite was Heather because her face was so bautiful, Least Favorite: Jenascia. I just wasnt feeling it

    2nd favorite: Laundry Shoot in the abandoned buiding
    Favorite: shandi. her eyes look so incredible in that pictire, and sara, cus shes so beautiful. Least favporote, Ziomara

    Least favorite shoot: Celebrity photo shoot
    favorte photo: Sara
    Least favorite: Yoanna

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