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Thread: Tyra Banks tonight on Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart. Monday 2/23

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyAss
    By the way, who's the most beautiful Black model? My picks are Iman and Naomi

    That she looks like she does, and she's going to be 50 unbelievable.

    Ask me about Naomi and Tyra in 20 years. Let's see if they age as well.

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    Jon Stewart actually threw in his two cents, predicting the winner to be Mercedes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Is this woman a vampire? Because she hasn't aged at all in the past 30 years.

    Love Iman. Also appreciate her makeup line for women o' color. How cool a couple are she & David Bowie?

    Thanks for posting that she's going to be on tonight, JaniceDRocks, I'll try to catch it.
    I heard a rumour a long time ago that Iman was in a terrible car accident, so bad in fact that when she went to the hospital they couldn't recognize her, and they needed her pictures in order to do a complete reconstructive surgery on her. It's hard to say who the most beautiful is, black models get so little exposure, it's been like the same few top black models since 1994. I know I've seen a few here and there on fashion television that were gorgeous, but I can't place a name to a face.

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    oooooh, omg, tyra,she looks like victoria, beckham's wife...

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