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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 6 Recap: Acting a Plum Fool

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    Amarathon Of last Seasons America's Next Top Model? Not in the USA.
    Or in my area.
    Last season they played the previous episode at 8PM and the new episode at 9PM on Tuesdays.
    This season they re-air it on Wednesdays at 9PM

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    DjDeluxay, thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlushOnTehCheek
    That's pretty gross. I don't love Camille nor did I love Robin. I'm just looking at this from an objective standpoint. Don't be hatin!
    Sorry, I couldn't help myself! I'm not "hatin," in fact, it's nice to have at least a few Camille fans around, just to mix things up.

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    I got the commercial they made cut out

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