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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 6 Recap: Acting a Plum Fool

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    Nicely done, SFG. I love your snarking on Tyra.

    Why, everyone knows there is no hybrid more delightful (and not in the least bit annoying or precious) than the model/actress. I’m sure we all remember Tyra’s stunning thespian turns in such fine films as Coyote Ugly and Halloween Resurrection, or spend hours analyzing her tour-de-force performance as a Barbie doll come-to-life in the TV movie Life-Size. No? Anyone?

    I wonder if Tasha is the Strasberg who coached Tyra through such fine cinematic turns as Love Stinks with venerable co-stars like French Stewart and Bridgette Sampras-Wilson.

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    that was funny. Even that actor was laughing while Camille was doing a scene.
    and Mercedes did a better mexican/latin voice "uno Baby!". That was way better than Camille. It seemed Camille was trying to go for a "007" as i mentioned before. Or she thought it was the "Matrix" Although i don't recall any english accents accept maybe that one dude in Reloaded who was cheating on his wife.
    sorry to be off topic:it was funny when she said from Matrix Reloaded "you got lip stick where she kissed you" he says "no i don't(trying to wipe his lips)" "not on your lips"(not exact words)

    But yeah Tyra and Tasha are real good friends. I have seen them hangout alot in the past. I think they still currently hangout

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    That guy from the Matrix was French. Camille simply had no idea what she was doing.

    Anyway, great recap! The commercials for Tyra's guest appearence on some show as a transvestite were so ironic played in between this episode. There's another one to add to the list of her "tour-de-force performance"s!

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    When Catie was eating her morning oatmeal, I thought of a great commercial for her -- Gerber Baby! That scene fascinated me -- I've never seen a grown woman look and act like a baby so perfectly -- from her short, pale hair to her scrunched up red face, pouting at being fed -- just needed a toothless, gummy smile to complete the picture.

    As for April's performance with the 'Dear John' letter -- awesome acting! I truly think she was acting it (which was the goal) rather than feeling it like most of the other girls. (which is not a bad thing either, just pointing out that April's actions conveyed "acting" to me, especially the gusto of tearing up the paper.)

    I hope April or Yoanna win, with Mercedes a close third . . .

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    Fabulous SFG! Your section title "I'll give you something to cry about" made me spit. You are so funny.
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    The first time I saw Catie in ANTM I was like "how did she got in, she looks very ordinary" and that mother, Anna? I said the same thing, she's fat!

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    Actually Catie is very quiet and normal when the show started but when people complemented her about her "walk" she became somebody else. Too Bad her "fear of heights" killed her career! ahhhahahaa

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    Great recap. Although, I don't feel that Camille is "boring" for not crying on national television over a clean sheet of paper. Perhaps she had already resolved any issues she had prior to the show. I know I would be laughing at those other girls as well and I am by no means cold.

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    It's not that she's boring for having worked out her issues- She's boring for not trying her hardest in a task set to the girls to see if they will win the contest. I don't care how you really feel, show me you want to win.

    PS Love the gerber baby idea from Starby- so very true.

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    Your recaps are fantastic!!!!

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