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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 5 Recap: Emotional Spasms and Visual Orgasms

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    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Token Asian model :
    and I won't even bother finding an African American everyone awww, bigfoot really does exist, and so does Asian models

    Cool recap

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    I see plenty of asian models at, uh, maybe that wasn't the kind you meant.

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    gorgeous title, , but this quote had me rolling, partially because that show was such a while back, and it was so random, but also because it was dead on:
    Tyra pops in (still wearing those cornrows that makes her head resemble that of Aladar, the baby from Disney’s “Dinosaur”)

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    After the Brazilian, Belgian and, lately, Canadian invasion, there should be an Asian invasion in the modelling industry.

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    the asian pinup? lol

    i'd like to see different ethnicities up there also- not just chinese, japanese, and korean models- how abotu some vietnamese, cambodian, thai, lao models huh?

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    for the recap!

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    TheLovely Bones, could you tell us her name(the model) if you know? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I think that’s an exorcism, Catie, something that you might possibly need, if your past behavior is to be believed.

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    I re-watched it again. I am so sorry SNF. You were right. That was the right order.
    I wonder if they used any chemicals in the water. Or just kept it with only water.
    If there was chemicals it might have been a little harder to keep the eyes open. But regular "Q" water would have been no problem. I am thinking of just getting a water proof camera and just testing myself.
    This episode just changed my whole thoughts of each girl.
    Camille tried so hard to back down. But there was no taking that comment back. Janice mentioning she was part of her school's PTA seemed rather useless for the show. So what if she it part of a group at her daughter's/son's school. She still gives out alot of rude comments. I still love her though.
    Oh yeah reading orgasms as well as visual orgasms. haha

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    My Greed . . .

    . . .well, the powers to be be messed up my Thursday night line-up by putting one of my very favorite shows on Tuesday (making way for the stupid Apprentice show). So I'm clicking back and forth between 'Scrubs' and 'AMNTP' -- frantically of course, because I don't want to miss a minute. Due to my greed to see both, I ended up with some jumble in my head: Special Guest Star Michael J. Fox, posing in some giant underwater tank, while obsessively washing his hands.Camille performing aortal valve surgery on Janice Dickinson, only to reveal that Janice, against all that is good and right in nature, HAS NO HEART. Tyra dispensing placebo wisdom in the hospital pharmacy, while Shandi is out in the parking lot, dealing in the hard stuff.
    J.D and Turk in embarassingly short scrub pants strutting their stuff next to J. Alexander, while Dr. Cox makes Catie cry repeatedly with his caustically true remarks.

    Thank goodness for the excellent recap on ANTP. As for 'Scrubs', I would like to take this opportunity to curse the network producers who switched that fine show to Tuesday. *&^%$#! I don't have TiVo, or a VCR -- just a DVD player.

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