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Thread: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

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    rebecca is a definate. but I realized that tyra keeps the people that will cause the most drama. Like last night with jade and mollie sue.

    Brandy had more drama than brita
    Camille had more drama than Sarah.
    Adrienne had more drama (at that time) that Shannon and Elise
    Michelle had more than Tatiana-ta-ta.
    Kim had that lesbian fling, and that made ppl watch more.
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    Nicole and Katie from cycle 1.
    April from cycle 2.
    Ann and Cassie from cycle 3.
    Brittany and Rebecca from cycle 4.
    Ashley and Lisa from cycle 5.
    Mollie Sue (so far) and in some respects Gina from cycle 6.

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    Mollie Sue, Ashley, Nik, Lisa, Brita.

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    Yaya from Cycle 3
    Lisa from Cycle 5
    Nik from Cycle 5
    Mollie Sue from Cycle 6

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    Brita, Mollie Sue, Kari, Kathy, Ashley, Lisa, Amanda, Rebecca, Tatiana, the list goes on...
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    Tatiana are Gorgeous , young , and has a hot body.
    Never get Man-Like Michelle's appeal .
    Tyra must be really jealoused the Hot girl.

    sure sara from S2 and Rebecca from s4.
    and Brita......
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    Quote Originally Posted by seen&heardall View Post
    Yaya from Cycle 3
    Lisa from Cycle 5
    Nik from Cycle 5
    Mollie Sue from Cycle 6
    why yaya? why nik? they made it till the end and did not deserve to win

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    Nicole (C3)
    Lisa (C5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar View Post
    How many times have we all shouted that out at the TV in the last six cycles? I thought it would be fun to make a list of potential worsts. Maybe we can vote at the end, or something.

    My contributions are:

    Brita over Brandy

    --agreed here. Brita was a gorgeous girl, who I thought had more potential than Brandy.

    Rebecca (in the double elimination)

    --also agreed, but I thought Rebecca should have been eliminated instead of Lluvy in the rain photoshoot

    Coryn instead of Kim (although she was paired with Nik in the bottom 2)

    -- Disagreed. Kim brought a different look to Top Model, if anyone should have been booted then it should have been Bre for her terrible "stink" look she gave on that photo shoot.

    Tatiana over Michelle

    -- Disagreed. Michelle was one of the more versatile models, and continually gave good pictures.

    Sarah before Camille (although she was in B2 with Yoanna)

    -- Agreed, Camille was definately kept around for drama reasons.

    Elise over Adrienne or Shannon

    -- Elise over Shannon for sure, but I actually thought Adrianne served up some pretty fierce pictures. My ideal top two would have been Elyse and Adrianne

    As for my own contributions --

    Nicole in season one over Ebony, and Giselle, and especially Robin
    April before Mercedes and Shandi
    Toccara before Ann, Nicole, Norelle, and Amanda (I thought Tocarra should have been in the final two if not the winner)
    Lluvy before Rebecca (I actually thought Rebecca was better -- but in that particular photo shoot -- Rebecca was easily the worst.)
    Kahlen before Naima (Naima didn't deserve the win.)
    Kim before Bre (Bre couldn't take a beautiful picture to save her life -- and Kim was actually in my opinion more consistant)
    Mollie Sue before Jade (ick)
    Gina before Jade (even if Gina was a mess her photos were better than Jade's)

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    This elimination sucked (Molly Sue). I have to say that hands down i think the worst elimination was mine, period, I know i am bias

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