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Thread: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

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    Re: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg332;2950182;
    Rebecca was eliminated the same time as Tiffany...
    I think they mean Rebecca should have stayed longer than Tatiana. Not that they were in the bottom 2 together, just in general for the competition. Kind of confusing..sorry
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    Re: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

    Quote Originally Posted by LedZepForever;2949436;
    But that's one of my biggest issues with ANTM. It's all about that week and they don't consider their overall potential. Although I am not fond of Lisa's potential, she did perform well that week and Jayla probably should have been eliminated that week. But I would not consider her elimination anywhere near as ridiculous as AJ's. All through the show, AJ proved she was a much better model than Jaeda. And even that week, although AJ did badly,she still did better than Jaeda. The elimination really makes no sense. A girl with one bad photo versus a girl with a portfolio of bad photos. A girl who gave up at one judging versus a girl that gave up on every judging. And just look at the two in comparison and tell me who looks more like a model. Now, AJ is working all kinds of international markets joining the ranks of Mollie Sue and Elyse while Jaeda is now one of the most laughable trainwrecks in ANTM history who did absolutely nothing to get as far as she did. Lisa's elimination may be unfair, but it's nowhere near as unfathomable as AJ getting eliminated over Jaeda.
    I honestly can see your point, I love AJ too but at that episode, her attitude towards the shoot is not good and I remember, Jaeda received good comments from Mr. Jay. I also remember Tyra told the audience in her talkshow that she already wanted to go.

    Having said that, they should also eliminate Michelle earlier for having the same reason to eliminate AJ.
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