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Thread: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

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    Mercedes and Shandi, without a doubt. I was hoping that I was wrong about mercedes having lupus...*sigh* If they kick her off the show because of that, I'm going to be pissed off!

    Not only that, but Shandi is trying so hard....I'll be mad if she got the gate too! As a matter of fact, I'll be mad if it's ANY of them (except Catie).

    Catie would probably be my fav to go. The rest of them I really like for different reasons, and it would be really hard to pick anyone after Catie.

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    Well, with me, the hardest contestant to let go would have to be Sara. But, I think for the judges it would be, like everyone else here agrees, Shandi and Mercedes. Mercedes is too cute...I like her. And I like unusual people, because, I myself am unusual, so I like Shandi too.

    But, I have to say that last week's episode sucked a**! I saw Jenascia at least being in the top three...but to go up to someone like Catie and loose?!?! Catie must go home today...SHE MUST!!
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    I change my mind. It will be Sara AND Mercedes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    Although I am a Shandi and April fan... I think Mercedes, maybe Yoanna too but I doubt it
    However, I was thinking about this while I rewatched the show this morning: if Mercedes leaves, I can't see WHY the Lupus Foundation wouldn't contact her to be their spokes person. You have this beautiful girl (inside and out) who is battling openly with her disease on national television. She could end up living a much more fulfilling live by being famous in helping others than wearing pretty clothes.
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    I so agree with you. thats an excellent idea
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    yeah, like Micheal J. Fox, dealing with Parkinson's disease.

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    For Me: Kesse,robin,jenascia,camille And Mercedes

    But I Think For Everyone And Me: Kesse,sara, Shandi And Mercedes

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    sara was the hardest to see go.
    then Was Shandi
    and I was p.o.'d when Mercedes didn't win. I'm beginning to wonder if ethnic means not "american"

    But they'll come out on top, esp. Shandi. Her confidence wavered but she SO belongs on the runway and in print. Girlie is just the bomb-diggity!

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    April because she was my favorite

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