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Thread: Worst Elimination in ANTM History!

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    Nov 2005
    c1: nicole, elyse, shannon
    c2: sarah, APRIL!!
    c3: TOCARRA, norelle, ann, yaya
    c4: michelle, kahlen, brittany and christina before keenyah
    c5: LISA, jayla (she would've stood out in the center of that photo) before bre
    c6: kari before gina, mollie sue.

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    Nov 2005
    Cycle 6: Everyone before Jade.
    "Jade just needs to get laid. " - Nigel Barker

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    C3: Amanda!! At least better than Eva!
    C5:Kyle(Still confuse why she got eliminated..),Lisa(although I dun like her)
    C6:Mollie Sue (up to now)

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    C2: Yoanna over Shandi<<---look at her now, she is stunning!
    C3: Ann over Norelle: ann was in the bottom 2 for like a million time so their would be more drama! although Ann is very sucessful
    C4: Keenyah over Brittany: of course keenyah should of went home
    C5: Coryn over Nik: Coryn was prolly one of the most gorgeos women EVER!!
    C6: Mollie Sue all the am so mad! but i hope she gets sign!

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    Elyse (s1)
    Catie (s2)
    Nicole (s3)
    Toccara (s3)
    Tatiana (s4)
    Kyle (s5)
    Mollie Sue (s6)
    Kari (s6)
    "My head is big, for real? You look like a bratz doll." Bianca, Cycle 9

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    The BIGGEST WTF elimination was hands down last cycle when Lisa was eliminated. It most certainly wasn't because she didn't have good photos or personalities. Two things Tyra seem to LOOVE, so how did she get cut before Bre, Jayla and above all KIM???

    This season, Molly Sue is the worst elimination (so far) and hopefully there won't be any worse ones in the future. I'm talking Leslie or Danielle or Joanie before someone like Jade or Furonda.

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    So I claimed Mollie Sue to be the worst elimination earlier in this thread, but I need girls from other seasons:

    C1: Elyse
    C2: April
    C3: Amanda
    C4: Kahlen
    C5: Lisa and Nik

    And of course, the number-one ABSOLUTE worst decision ..

    C6: Mollie Sue ..

    I'm still mourning. :[ Hah, but it was only yesterday.

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    Sara Racey over Yoanna House

    Sara is so gorgeous! And she takes great pictures. So maybe she can't dance too well, but other than that she's a great model and should definitely have gone further in the cycle

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    C1: Nicole
    C2: Sarah, Catie
    C3: Norelle, Ann, Nicole
    C4: Tatiana
    C5: Lisa, Ashley, Kyle
    C6: Mollie Sue!!

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    C1. Eylse
    C4. Kahlen
    C5. Kyle and Lisa
    C.6 MOLLIE SUE!!

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