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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 4 Recap: The Short End of the Stick

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    great recap SFG. Just wanted to make sure that you know that your effort is appreciated and this recap was just as good as all of them. keep up the good work.

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    dallas, fer sure

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    Thank you for your timely recap SFG since I had to miss the show this week, both days!
    Wow, Catie is one big melting pot of tears, isn't she? I can't wait for a chance to watch my tape!
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    SFG!! Once again, loved your recap. And because you asked for them:

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    thank you for the recap. I enjoyed it.

    I loved the pictures from this week. they were so much fun. those that REALLY nailed them, were terrific.

    and, though April didn't nail Catherine Zeta-Jones, I thought her picture was fabulous.

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    I have read all your recaps and they are all great.

    Keep up with the recaps!

    Go Shandi!!

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    Thanks for a great recap, SFG.

    Despite being called for repeatedly, Camille sits in her room braiding her weave with the careful concentration of a bomb squad officer disarming a timed explosive. While Camille lags behind, the girls leave in the elevator without her, which of course royally displeases the Queen of Me, Me, Me.

    Yes, this four-foot-nothing, wizened, old Englishman in a floral shirt that bears a pattern remarkably similar to one of my grandma’s tea cozies will be teaching the girls about personal style.

    You know what happens next. Catie’s face starts to contract like a scarlet sphincter, and out come the tears. You get the feeling that this is probably how Catie gets her way back home in Minnesota, but this earns her no sympathy from Simon

    The girls watch and smile politely, but also appear to be frightened of Betsey, who looks and acts like Raggedy Ann on crystal meth.

    Her boyfriend scolds her, “It sounds like you want to quit…My girlfriend’s not a quitter.” Maybe not, but she is for a sure a whiny, spoiled, little baby.

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    WOOHOO, I got WANGS!!! I'm going to miss Jenascia, so thanks Mel, for slinging those chicken wings my way!

    And my goodness, thanks to all of you guys for taking the time to post your comments, especially those of you have been so kind and encouraging!

    See all of you next week for more ANTM!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    First off, I'm sorry for the double posting. I posted this in the "Shandi" thread and I got no responses. I guess it's because it's chocked full of Shandi fans and they wanted to ignore it.

    This is in regard to the contest of who can show their own style better. The crazy cartwheelin' designer (can't remember her name) rewarded Shandi even though, according to her, she was no where near showing her own style. She said that Yoanna was the best in showing her style. Why not just reward her? Why reward someone who might have potential than to those who already have it?

    So I guess this whole show will be about who might have potential in becoming a top model? This will require a helluva lot of work, versus someone who is definately top model material who is up and ready to work and make money. If this is the case, this season will be the complete opposite because Adrianne was indeed and is top model material. Even the final three in last season were all top model material!

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    So since Jenascia was eliminated mostly because of being 5'7" (I cringe when I hear this, being only 5'4" myself!) I'm wondering if Mercedes will be next, as she's only 1 inch taller than Jen is ... ?!?
    I see no problem with height, and many who were eliminated were more talented than some who remain.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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