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Thread: UPN picks up ANTM for 2 more seasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    I'd love to try out for it and be a model, but I don't have the looks for it. I'm too Jenasciaey.
    And by that you mean short?... Besides length, I think Jenascia have what it takes to make it as a model. Maybe she is a little ghetto, but it suits her well. Comming to think of it I sort of miss her.
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    You're brave to want to be on this show, and have random people across the world critcize you and laugh at your most painful moments!

    I really hope Janice and Nigel come back to judge. The Jays could be permanent judges, too, but maybe there's some requirement about having a weird magazine editor who no likes in every season.

    Boy, do I love this show.

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    Yeah, I'm 5' 0'' at 16 years old

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    5'0... Then you'll probably be better off studying your little heart out and get into a good college and get a qualified, "real" job. I actually think you'd like it better: The fashion industry and model world seems like really bitchy and stressful environments.

    I have absolutely no aspiratons of becoming a model, and why should I when I get to follow Shandi's route to fame on Top Model every week (hopefully she becomes at least a little famous)?

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    they're conducting the Next Top Model search thing at the mall 7 minutes from my house- i think its this weekend, not sure- i wonder if Tyra will be there- or maybe even Nigel?

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