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Thread: Casting for New Contestants

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLovelyBones
    I'm applying to agencies too, the bigger ones, I got a reply from Maralyn in Paris...I'm excited, they want more pictures though before they can decide though.
    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xephyr
    Jenascia's 5'7" and they keep calling her short and so on. I don't even consider 5'7" short. 5'3" on the other hand... I think they have petite modeling though if you're interested in modeling rather than just the show.

    And plus size by what measure?

    I am tempted to apply for the next season.
    My mom was a model for most of her adult life and she was only 5'1". She did runway, print, and spokesperson appearances. However, she was a BIG fish in a small pond: all of this happened in Minnesota. She did work for all the big stores at that time: Dayton's; Donaldson's; J.C. Penny's, etc.

    Loads of Petite Work came her way because she was perfectly proportioned; in print, you couldn't tell what size she was and on the runway, the couture clothes loved petite woman.

    Of course, this was years ago, and Americans have been growing by leaps and bounds, so a 5'1" woman then was closer in height to a woman THEN, than they may be now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLovelyBones
    I think you have to be 18 to participate

    But thats stupid, models start young, they're like 14 and up when they start veteran pro's by 18...hell there is this one girl whose being called the new Naomi who started when she was 12
    I new a 16-year-year old once who had been a model in Europe since the age of 10. She had gone to a modeling contest with an older cousin. Just for kicks, they had her walk the runway and she won the whole thing.

    It was sad, though. At sixteen, she had come home to recover from being raped when her roommate set her up with some Eurotrash older guy who gave her a date-rape drug. she was so traumatized that she had to come home to recuperate from the whole thing, and I don't know if she ever did go back.

    It's a tough business. Tyra was right when she said that young girls shouldn't go off to Europe (or anywhere else without a guardian). Or maybe it was Janice that said that in an interview I read somewhere.
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    Delia: Thank you much...but it took a few days for them to reply, which was rather quick, so I'm trying not to bounce off the walls now while waiting for them to reply

    I read a book, by I don't know who, called The Bad and The Beautiful which was a really gruesome look at the modeling industry, most of it was somewhat factual...but I think some of it was added for dramatics, not that some casualities don't accur, I assure you they do, from anerexia, depression, drugs, rape...and all under the age of 20.

    BUT, and there is a big BUT, these girls get themselves into these situations, it isn't completely the agents or the industries fault...I mean they go out and party, which ok most of them are 17 and good looking, they can go out and party...but in foreign countries where you are young and stupid I don't think its the best idea, and then they tell people they're a model, like it's some kind of title, rather than a job, and everyone wants to sleep with a model...hell I was imed by this guy in a chatroom once, we exchanged pictures, he was a [mod edit] father of two girls my age and he was complimenting me endlessly....I blocked him of's just the way people react to it, I'm 5'10 and 16 years old..I was 5'8.5 at 14...People stare at you in the store, you are treated differently because you are tall and skinny, people are nicer to you, which is great, but it shows how shallow some people are...So far I've been called Miss America, smiled at, stared at, it just doesn't stop...some people have told me I should model, which ok I'm flattered, but still if I was 5'6 and maybe more than a size 4/6 I know damn well that I wouldn't get the same treatment...that bothers me.

    As for the Anerexic thing, I used to have an eating problem, I could down almost a whole pizza, a bag of chips, I could eat anything, icecream at midnight...sure! Surely thats not healthy, after a while the whole thing went completely opposite and I was downing little to no food at all....I didn't gain weight, I didn't lose weight either....None of this really had to do with modeling, I find that most teenage girls diet, or don't eat, it's just part of puberty...Most models are 17, some younger, some older, but they have the metabolism of teenagers because they are teenagers, normal teenagers, not all, because I've noticed high schools have become 'rounder' lately, but normal teenagers can eat whatever they want, reasonably, not stuffing themselves and not gain a damn thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLovelyBones
    Delia: Thank you much...but it took a few days for them to reply, which was rather quick, so I'm trying not to bounce off the walls now while waiting for them to reply
    You're welcome.

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    I just want to say good luck and send much positive vibey-ness to all you model hopefuls here in the ANTM forum.

    I'm sure you're all beautiful, and when you get on ANTM or become fabulously famous, I hope you'll remember ol' SnowflakeGirl and slip her an interview.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Re: Casting for New Contestants

    I don't watch but thought I'd post this if anyone is interested or lives in the area - Savannah, GA.

    America's Next Top Model casting call |

    A casting call for the 10th season of "America's Top Model" will take place 9 a.m.-noon Aug. 11, at the Victory Square Shopping Center. It will be hosted by WGSA TV Channel 13, CitiTrends, WEAS Radio and Trademark Cinemas.

    "America's Next Top Model" is a nationally televised show which airs 8 p.m. Wednesday nights on the CW Network. It is hosted by Tara Banks.

    Contestants will be required to fill out an application and to be taped in various poses, from various angles and to tell the CW Network why they should be selected as "America's Next Top Model." Each segment will be approximately three minutes.

    Tapes will be sent to the CW Network in California for review and semi-finalists will be notified and can move to the next level when the regional casting call occurs.

    For information about the casting call, call 692-8000.

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