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Thread: Episode 3 - Final Photos

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    Shandi's and April's really stand out as pics that could actually be used in ads. At first I liked Shandi's best with the CWO look and those eyes but April's really makes the clothes look good.

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    personaly, i think camille's is the worst, followed by sara's and xiomara's. there's absolutely nothing going on in her pic. nothing facially, nothing physically. at least with sara's there's some intensity in the face, and with xiomara's, she has the phsyical action part down, but the face and pose are both awkward. i really think that if xiomara doesn't improve her shoot immensely this week, then she's gone.
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    I agree with you Positum about Camille's being the worst, but I think Heather and Xiomara's are a close second worst!

    April's is just WOW. Yoanna and Shandi's are great. I also like Jenascia, Mercedes and Sara. Catie's looks pretty good, I loved when she was up there freakin' then BAM! gave them what they needed and then was done!!

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    Liked Shandi's the most, then April's.

    But, didn't like the shoot overall. Hope they do something better next week.

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    I have to say I liked Xiomara's makeup. Did anyone else notice that? It was sort of a starburst that emphasized her cheekbone. Too bad she didn't get any kind of intensity in her face, it could have been a great shot.
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