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Thread: Janice Dickinson

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    I thought her photoshoot was going to turn out well, but what do you know. ANTM makes it tacky by over airbrushing it with super imposed colours and plastic.


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    avy by martinique ANTM Mega Fan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMFreak
    Thats not true! Janice had a lot of surgery!
    But Janice looked a lot like an exotic version of Brittany pre-surgery as well....If you look at Janice's Vogue covers, you might see a bit of a resemblance.
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    redlight 6/7
    even though janice had lots of surgery i think she looks the same

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    denise xx
    i think janice's look (well, her face) used to be more exotic. but all that surgery made her look different :/

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    I agree - her features have been stretched into submission. It's too bad, because she was one of the most naturally beautiful models of the late 70s, IMO.
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    redlight 6/7
    has anyone seen the tyra show where janice talks about her drug addiction? if you have i was wondering if anybody can post the beauty shot that they showed of janice? it was a great shot, but i can't seem to find it anywhere.

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    Found this on a website:

    Bio of JD:
    Husband: Simon Fields (producer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, m. 1992, div. 1993)
    Son: Nathan Dickinson (b. 1992, with Fields)
    Boyfriend: Michael Birnbaum (producer, The Big White)
    Daughter: Savannah (b. 23-Sep-1993, with Birnbaum)
    Husband: Ron Levy (musician, divorced)
    Husband: Albert Gerston (divorced)
    Slept with: Mick Jagger
    Boyfriend: Jon Lovitz
    Slept with: Prince Albert II
    Slept with: Warren Beatty,
    Slept with: John Cusack
    Slept with: Grace Jones
    Slept with: John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    Slept with: Kelly LeBrock
    Slept with: Dolph Lundgren
    Slept with: Liam Neeson
    Slept with: Jack Nicholson
    Slept with: Bruce Willis
    Slept with: Frank Zappa
    Slept with: Sylvester Stallone

    Someone gets around! And kisses and tells! PS: I have been searching everywhere- her book is NEVER in stock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMFreak View Post
    Found this on a website:

    Bio of JD:
    Boyfriend: Jon Lovitz
    Who hasn't had Jon Lovitz as a boyfriend??? I mean...

    But more importantly, what website did you find this info on? Did the site use her book as the source for the information? I've yet to read her book, but I've been meaning to...

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    I found it on a bio of her. For some reason tonight has been very Janice for me- like everything I've been doing for the last hour is Janice based! I will be posting some of the pics I found soon!

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    Here are my fave pics:

    And my all time fave:

    I would give credit to a site- but I dont even remember where half of my Janice pics are from. Most are from though.

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