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Thread: Janice Dickinson

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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    I agree. Janice use to have such a soft sultry face before but now she looks very Cruela DeVille-esque.
    Peoples faces lose softness as they age. Look at any picture of someone in their 20's, than their 40's. Even if their weight hasn't changed much their face still looks slimmer. That old style of facelift where they pull everything tight is not so much in style now. Now there is more fillers and cheek implants to keep things more rounded. All those old models have that starving cat look to their faces. Hell, I have a little starving cat look myself...
    Out. for. a. walk... Bitch.

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    Some of thoes pictures where she's got her mouth slightly open (Like the Vogue Paris cover) look a lot like Nicole from this season.

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    I think she's had her nose done as well. Her nose used to have a nice roundness to it, and now it's quite sharp. My nose has only gotten larger with age, I can't see any more skinnyness to it (though in general you have a point Blue eyes).

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    I was reading metro newspaper a few days ago..And they said that Janice is talks to star in her own reality show where she is trying to create her own modeling agency. Can anyone bring any truth to these rumours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fort_Fan911
    I was reading metro newspaper a few days ago..And they said that Janice is talks to star in her own reality show where she is trying to create her own modeling agency. Can anyone bring any truth to these rumours?
    I heard she was getting her own show too. I don't know much of it though. I'll try to get a link, confirming it.

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    that'll be a good thing. she knows what's a good model when she sees one like elyse and amanda. i did see janice at weekends at the dl yesterdayand she didn't say anything about it.

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    If anyone could pull off another modeling reality show, it will be Janice. And it would be great to see her select contestants as they will probably be more "model appropriate" than some of the ANTM contestants.

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    Is she really going to start her own modeling agency? I think that would be great, even in the context of a reality show. Janice never had a problem keeping it real like Tyra, so this show will probably produce real top models.

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    Oxygen models reality show
    Dickinson signs on for cabler skein

    Former "America's Next Top Model" judge Janice Dickinson has signed with women's cablercabler Oxygen for a reality show centered on her efforts to establish her own modeling agency.
    Dickinson will exec produce with reality producer Stuart Krasnow ("Average Joe""Average Joe").

    Oxygen programming prexyprexy Debby Beece said she's eyeing an early 2006 premiere should the project move forward to series.

    Dickinson's a "dynamic and fearless character," the exec said. "If nothing else, she's always surprising, and it's made for some good TV."

    Untitled docusoap will follow Dickinson as she works to start a modeling business. She's in the middle of recruiting her first clients.

    "We love the idea of women entrepreneurs, and we've done shows about that in a more earnest vain," Beece said. "But we hope Janice's show is going to be more contemporary and fun. "Oxygen is coming off its highest-rated quarter in history, averaging 223,000 viewers in primetime, up 27% from last year and 34% in adults 18-49.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sepia

    is the last pic janice or brittany? OMG they look so much alike!!!!

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